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The following is a randomly selected sample of reviews and ratings given by students who have benefited from our courses and services
“The courses really helped me with acquiring key concepts and deep diving into telecommunications and signal processing. The best part of it is that teacher starts explaining from the very beginning step by step. Totally worth my time and big THANKS!!! to your efforts”
Murat K.
Engineering Student
“It was a completely detailed course that I have taken related to telecommunications and signal processing and also THE tutor is enthusiastic and an expert in the subject. I’m glad and happy to take this course. If you want to learn something valuable not heard of it before, then Researcherstore.com is the way to go.”
Batuhan G.
Electrical Engineering Student
“This course is amazingly full of knowledge about 5G and beyond technologies, with a highly motivated instructor. After ending this course, you will start thinking like a Scientist in the wireless field.”
Muhammad M.
Master Student
“I don’t have any words to describe how much is this course amazing and very professional gathering concurrently academic and practical issues from basics to advanced topics that will deeply and greatly allow you to pave the way seamlessly to contribute and innovate in any sector of wireless communication systems and their related fields;
Thanks a lot, Prof.Jehad for this exceptional content :)”
Enes ICT A.
Ph.D. Student
“Great course, Dr. Jehad Hamamreh offers a strong and comprehensive course for anyone interested in getting into the field of digital communications, starting from the basics all the way up to the state of technology such as 4G and giving insights into 5G networks as well.
I have furthermore had the privilege to work with Dr. Jehad side by side on research on telecommunication technologies, and I can wholeheartedly recommend him as a teacher, instructor, and mentor. A true expert in the field, do not shy away from taking his courses or pursuing further work with him!”
Abdulwahab H.
Undergraduate Student

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