Simulation Codes of A New Enhanced Coordinated Multi-Point (eCoMP) Design

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Simulation Codes of A New Enhanced Coordinated Multi-Point (eCoMP) Design 

A New Enhanced (CoMP) Transmission Design for Cell-Edge Users Using Superimposed Supporting Signals. – YouTube

Summary: Mobile data traffic is rapidly increasing with smartphones’ massive spread and multimedia-driven applications. To cope up with the data demand, operators will continue to deploy new small cells and update networks to advanced 4G LTE and leading-edge 5G NR technologies to take advantage of their superior capabilities. Despite their many improved features, the cell edge interference effect is still a very challenging problem in mobile wireless networks, and it has recently gained significant attention with the dawn of future generation mobile communications systems like 5G and 6G as such interference causes significant performance degradation in cell edge systems. Next-generation wireless communication systems will require higher spectral efficiency, enhanced system reliability, and much more improved SNR gain, which can be attained by the elimination of inter-cell interference, and more efficient utilization of resources than currently employed systems. Motivated by this observation, the proposed method in this article targets addressing the previously mentioned challenges and requirements, where we present a novel enhanced cooperative multiple points (eCoMP) technique that deploys two base stations to transmit superimposed user signals with the same spatial, temporal and spectral radio resources. In particular, we introduce and model the proposed concept of using supporting signals that are superimposed with the user signals to cancel inter-cell interference at the cell edge. This is achieved without sacrificing temporal-spectral-spatial resources while providing low complexity at the receiver side. Computer simulations are conducted and analytical analysis is performed to verify the effectiveness and superiority of the proposed solution compared to other competitive schemes in the literature. A New Enhanced Coordinated Multi-Point (CoMP) Transmission Design for Cancelling Inter-cell Interference for Cell-Edge Users Using Superimposed Supporting Signals · Issue 6 (

The novelty and contributions of the proposed enhanced CoMP paradigm are as follows:

1)  The proposed technique can efficiently utilize the same radio and spatial resources for transmissions  to  all  users  at  cell  boundary  with improved cell-edge throughput.

2)  Specially  designed   superimposed  supporting-signals (a1,a2)  base  transmission  for  eliminating  inter-cell interference.

3)  The proposed system utilizes joint transmission to achieve multiplexing and diversity gain.

4)  The  proposed  approach  also offers  low  complexity  because it  employs  superimposed  support  signals  that  automatically  cancel  inter-cell  interference.  As  a  result, reducing transceiver complexity.

5)  Due  to  the  channel  matrices  being  diagonal,  the  inverse  procedure  is  simple.  As  a  result,  the  support signal  matrices  can  be  created  using  simple  mathematical process.

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