Work System Design

  • Course level: Beginner


Work System Design deals with the systematic examination of the methods of doing work to find the means of effective and efficient use of resources and set up standards of performance for the work being carried out.

The systematic examination of work involves what is done? And how it is done? As well as what is the standard time to do the work? This is required to have an in-depth analysis of all the elements, factors, resources, and relationships affecting the efficiency and effectiveness of the work being studied.

The course also aims at scientifically establishing the time required for a qualified worker to carry out a work element at a defined rate of working. Ergonomic aspects of work system design are also included in the course contents. The scope of this course is not only limited to manufacturing applications but is also relevant for the service sector industry.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: All Engineering Students and Faculty

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: Work System Design: Introduction
  • Week 2: Factors Influencing Productivity
  • Week 3: Work-Study
  • Week 4: Method Study
  • Week 5: Flow Process Charts
  • Week 6: String Diagrams, Principles of Motion Economy
  • Week 7: Memo-Motion Study
  • Week 8: Work Measurement
  • Week 9: Performance Rating
  • Week 10: Work Sampling: Basics
  • Week 11 : Ergonomics: Basic Concept
  • Week 12: Case Study: Office Chair

Topics for this course

61 Lessons

Work System Design

Work System Design00:00:00
Work System Design: Introduction00:00:00
Work Study: Basic Concept00:00:00
Techniques of Work Study00:00:00
Flow Process Charts00:00:00
Flow Process Charts: Examples00:00:00
Two-Handed-Process Charts00:00:00
Multiple Activity Charts00:00:00
Operation Process Charts: Examples00:00:00
Operation Process Charts00:00:00
Method Study: Recording Techniques00:00:00
Method Study: Steps00:00:00
Method Study: Basic Concept00:00:00
Human Aspects of Work Study00:00:00
Concept of Work Content00:00:00
Steps Involved in Work Study00:00:00
Case Study on Productivity00:00:00
Numerical Problems on Productivity00:00:00
Productivity Improvement Technique00:00:00
Causes of Low Productivity00:00:00
Factors Influencing Productivity00:00:00
Productivity Measurement Models00:00:00
Productivity Measures00:00:00
Measurement of Productivity00:00:00
Introduction and Concept of Productivity00:00:00
Development and Selection of New Method00:00:00
Critical Examination Techniques00:00:00
Installation and Maintenance of Improved Methods00:00:00
Memo-Motion Study00:00:00
SIMO Charts00:00:00
Micro-Motion Study00:00:00
Principles of Motion Economy00:00:00
String Diagrams00:00:00
Flow Diagrams00:00:00
Cycle Graph and Chronocycle Graph00:00:00
Work Measurement: Basic Concept00:00:00
Techniques of Work Measurement00:00:00
Steps Involved in Time Study00:00:00
Steps and Equipment of Time Study00:00:00
Performance Rating00:00:00
Performance Rating: Examples00:00:00
Allowances in Time Study00:00:00
Computation of Standard Time-I00:00:00
Computation of Standard Time-II00:00:00
Work Measurement: Applications00:00:00
Work System Design

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