Technical Writing for Engineers

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Technical Writing for Engineers.

Do you have strong programming skills and a flair for explaining complex concepts to technical audiences? Come join a team at researcherstore that writes online content to explain how to use MATLAB graphics for a wide range of programming applications.

As a technical writer, you will be embedded in a multi-functional development team and will learn about our users, participate in product design reviews, help test the software, and build engaging, user-focused documentation.

Technical Writing

You might be:

  • Experienced in MATLAB or other programming languages with a keen interest in technical writing
  • A recent graduate in engineering or computer science with teaching experience in a STEM field
  • An experienced technical trainer or writer with a background in programming
  • An experienced engineer or scientist looking for a career change

in this course, you will learn the Technical Writing for Engineers with Matlab software with some exercises and projects.

Topics for this course

11 Lessons

Technical Writing for Engineers

Tech Writing Course: Matlab Video 129:23
Tech Writing Course: Matlab Video 219:27
Tech Writing Course: Matlab Video 311:52
Tech Writing Course: Matlab Video 421:32
Tech Writing Course: Matlab Video 512:03
Tech Writing Course: Project 18:56
Tech Writing Course: Project 27:47
Tech Writing Course: Project 39:18
Tech Writing Course: Report 111:22
Tech Writing Course: Report 217:08
Tech Writing Course: Report 310:08
Technical Writing

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