• Course level: Beginner


This course comprises matters related to surveying and mapping in civil engineering.

Students will be explained the types of equipment used for land surveying. This includes the equipment used for angle measurement, height measurement, distance measurement, and area measurement. Procedure in operating survey equipment, interpreting the survey data result, and the method of calculating the measurement are also explained. This course was delivered by Putri Arumsari. She is a Lecturer with a specialty in Construction Management. She teaches basic courses such as Building Construction, Survey, and Construction Material Technology. She also teaches courses related to Construction Management such as Estimating Cost, Infrastructure Management, and Evaluation Project Management.

Who this course is for:

  • a student who wants to learn about surveying

What Will I Learn?

  • Student will have the knowledge of the application of surveying and the equipment used in the construction project
  • Student will be able to process data obtain in the field and make a topography map and calculate the volume of a land needed.

Topics for this course

40 Lessons

Module – 1

Lecture – 100:00:00

Module – 2

Module – 3

Module – 4

Module – 5

Module – 6

Module – 7

Module – 8

Module – 9

Module – 10

Module – 11

Module – 12

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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Have knowledge about Contruction Project