Radiative Heat Transfer

  • Course level: Beginner


This Radiative Heat Transfer course allows a comprehensive treatment of Radiative heat.

The course begins with standard optics on Radiative transfer and radiant exchange between surfaces and introduces modern state-of-the-art topics including Radiative properties of gases and particles, P-Approximation, the Monte Carlo method, and the prediction of radiation transfer in absorbing, emitting, and scattering media.

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What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1 : Fundamentals of Thermal Radiation, Introduction, Basic Laws of Thermal Radiation, Introduction to Radiative Properties, Radiative Properties of Opaque Surfaces
  • Week 2 : View Factors, Evaluation Methods, Monte Carlo method
  • Week 3 : Radiative Exchange between Black surfaces, Radiative Exchange between Gray,Diffuse, Surfaces, Radiative Exchange between Non-Ideal Surfaces
  • Week 4 : Equation of Radiative Transfer for participating media
  • Week 5 : Solution Methods: Plane-Parallel Slab, Approximate Methods, Method of spherical harmonics and Discrete Ordinate Method.
  • Week 6 : Zone method and applications
  • Week 7 : Radiative Properties of Participating Media: Gas Properties, particle Properties
  • Week 8 : Spectral Models: Wide band model, Narrow-band models, k-distribution models

Topics for this course

41 Lessons

Radiative Heat Transfer

Fundamentals of Radiation00:00:00
Basic Laws of Thermal Radiation00:00:00
Properties of Plane Surfaces00:00:00
Radiative Properties of Materials00:00:00
View Factor00:00:00
Hottel Crossed String Method00:00:00
Inside Sphere and Monte Carlo Method00:00:00
Radiative Heat Exchange Between Black Surfaces00:00:00
Radiative Heat Exchange Between Gray Diffuse Surfaces00:00:00
Network Analogy00:00:00
Solution Methods for Governing Integral Equations00:00:00
Radiative Heat Exchange between Partially Specular Gray Surfaces00:00:00
Non-Gray Surfaces00:00:00
Radiative Heat Transfer in the Presence of Conduction/Convection00:00:00
Radiative Transfer in Participating Media00:00:00
Equation of Radiative Transfer00:00:00
Solution of Radiative Transfer Equation00:00:00
Radiative Heat Transfer in Cylindrical Media00:00:00
Approximate Methods-I00:00:00
Approximate Methods-II00:00:00
The Method of Spherical Harmonics (PN Approximation)-I00:00:00
The Method of Spherical Harmonics (PN Approximation)-II00:00:00
Discrete Ordinate Method (DOM)00:00:00
Zone Method00:00:00
Exchange Areas00:00:00
Monte Carlo Method for Thermal Radiation-I00:00:00
Monte Carlo Method for Thermal Radiation-II00:00:00
Radiative Properties of Gases00:00:00
Atomic and Molecular Spectra00:00:00
Line Radiation00:00:00
Spectral Modelling00:00:00
Wide Band Models00:00:00
WSGG Model00:00:00
k-Distribution Model00:00:00
Radiative Properties of Particulate Media00:00:00
Combustion and Flame00:00:00
Solar and Atmospheric Radiation00:00:00
Concentrated Solar Collector00:00:00
Experimental Methods00:00:00
Radiative Heat Transfer00:00:00
Radiative Heat Transfer

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