Quickstart Guide to YouTube for beginner 2020

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About Course

2020 Free Elementor & Astra WordPress Theme drive YouTube Traffic to your website for awesome organic traffic from Google and higher search ranking results to get a ton of new clients to your website.

New quiz sections, easily and quickly learn all about YouTube. New videos, New Documents to save you time, save you money, and help get you new YouTube skills faster, easier with more skills added for you.

YouTube: See Proof Of Real People Earning $1,000 – Millions Of Dollars On YouTube.

Finally, a simple way to create a YouTube channel in a step-by-step way for those with no time, no money, and no patience.

Ideal for local business owners, consultants and coaches, authors, and those who simply want to earn an income online.

In this picture rich video course, you will discover YouTube Proof of 10 Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube.

Plus you can follow along as I easily and quickly create a brand new YouTube Channel and attract viewers, subscribers, and show you each step to follow to get money steadily coming in from your own YouTube channel.

You will discover ten proven ways YouTubers are using right now to earn money easily and quickly from their YouTube channels.

If you want to be successful on YouTube, you need your own channel which I make very quick and easy to set up in this 60-minute course with all the latest YouTube updates so you are learning what YouTube wants now – not last year!

When you take this YouTube course now, you have lifetime access to principles and strategies responsible for bringing in hundreds of millions of YouTube views.

YouTube has hundreds of millions of subscribers, and millions of dollar sales happen because of YouTube and through Google adverts placed on YouTube videos exactly like the ones you are about to make!


YouTube can make you money by uploading videos and I show you how it’s quick and easy and your Channel and first videos will be up and running in 60 minutes if you stop at the end of each video and do what I show you.

This is not a YouTube theory course it is an actual YouTube course you put into practice by turning on your computer, put the microphone on your desk, install the FREE recording software in seconds and put your headphones on and start your YouTube Channel today.

Make your YouTube goal say to earn $1,000 per month or whatever you want to earn. The $1,000 per month will be passive income you will not be in a 9-5 job paid by the hour, your YouTube videos will make you money 24/7 365 days of the year even when you sleep!


Would you like to see PROOF of how much people earn with YouTube skills that are very easy to learn and I teach you these skills so you can start earning money fast?

Would you like to see how people just like you earn $1,000 per day for simple YouTube skills you can learn in an hour?

Unlike other YouTube courses, we cover topics that are key to creating professional-looking videos fast for newbies and the more experienced with YouTube.

Support team ready to answer your questions about YouTube usually in less than 24 hours.

YouTube course updated regularly with the latest features and updates in the world of YouTube.

Do you have a business idea that requires a website and you do not have much time or money to get that site page one on Google fast? This YouTube Video Course will get your new business top rankings fast and I show you real YouTube examples so you can start getting leads and sales fast.

See you inside this course which will give you many ideas on how you can profit from YouTube.

Who this course is for:

  1. Do you have your own YouTube channel or about to make one and want to grow your earnings, views, and subscribers on YouTube? Then this course will grow your channel fast.
  2. If you have tried making money from YouTube in the past and have not succeeded, then this course which contains 10 ways (some brand new) to make money fast in 2016 is for you.
  3. If you have a hobby or are into gaming and want to get your videos on YouTube faster with more views and more monetization strategies then this is the course for you.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn all the basics of the Quickstart Guide to YouTube

Course Content

Quickstart Guide to YouTube

  • Start Your Channel | Ep. 1
  • How YouTube Works | Ep. 2
  • Branding Your Channel | Ep. 3
  • Community Guidelines: YouTube’s Rules of the Road (Part 1)
  • Copyright and Content ID: YouTube’s Rules of the Road (Part 2)
  • YouTube Partner Program and Advertiser-Friendly Guidelines: YouTube’s Rules of the Road (Part 3)
  • Total Beginner’s Guide to Video Equipment
  • Total Beginner’s Guide to Video Editing
  • Creating with Common Sense: YouTube Community Guidelines
  • YouTube Copyright Basics
  • Make Your Channel Stand Out
  • Do Titles & Descriptions Still Matter?
  • How to Make Eye-catching Thumbnails
  • Tools to Drive More Views

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