Physics-Modern Physics

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Physics-Modern Physics. Reminding us that modern inventions-new materials, information technologies, medical technological breakthroughs-are based on well-established fundamental principles of physics, this course integrate important topics from quantum mechanics, statistical thermodynamics, and materials science, as well as the special theory of relativity. He then goes a step farther and applies these fundamentals to the workings of electronic devices-an an essential leap for anyone interested in developing new technologies.

From semiconductors to nuclear magnetic resonance to superconducting materials to global positioning systems, Modern Physics for Engineers provides engineering and physics students with an accessible, unified introduction to the complex world underlying today’s design-oriented curriculums. It is also an extremely useful resource for engineers and applied scientists wishing to take advantage of research opportunities in diverse fields.



What Will I Learn?

  • learn the basics of Modern Physics

Topics for this course

14 Lessons

Physics-Modern Physics

Planck’s Quantum Hypothesis00:00:00
Properties Of Photon’s00:00:00
Compton Effect00:00:00
Compton Effect – 200:00:00
Examples Of Compton Effect – 100:00:00
Examples of Compton Effect – 200:00:00
De-Broglie Hypothesis00:00:00
Examples Of De-Broglie wavelength Associated with Electron00:00:00
Examples Of De-Broglie Wavelength Concept00:00:00
Properties Of Matter Waves00:00:00
Engineering Physics-Uncertainty Principle00:00:00
Wave Function And Its Physical Significance00:00:00
Schrondinger’s Time Dependent Wave Equation00:00:00
Schrodinger’s Time Independent Equation00:00:00
Modern Physics
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