Photonic integrated circuits

  • Course level: Beginner


Photonic integrated circuits. This is a graduate-level course for those who are interested in Lightwave/photonic circuits.

The course introduces essential concepts required to understand the operation of various integrated photonic components and draws a parallel with bulk components. This course will cover the theory, design, fabrication, and application aspects of photonic materials and devices. In addition to lectures, a selection of demonstration of device fabrication and characterization will be presented.


What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1:Review of Electromagnetic Waves
  • Week 2:Photonic integrated circuits: an introduction
  • Week 3: Material technology for integrated optics
  • Week 4:Introduction to guided wave optics
  • Week 5:Integrated optical waveguide design
  • Week 6:Coupling light in a waveguide system
  • Week 7: Integrated photonic Passive devices
  • Week 8:Integrated photonic Active devices
  • Week 9:Semiconductor Light sources and Photodetectors
  • Week 10:Material engineering and fabrication
  • Week 11: APhotonic integrated circuit technology: Silicon, III-V and beyond
  • Week 12:Application of Photonic circuit in Communication and Sensing

Topics for this course

15 Lessons

Photonic integrated circuits

Introduction to Photonic Integrated Circuits00:00:00
Optical Waveguide Theory- Symmetric Waveguides00:00:00
Optical Waveguide Theory- Asymmetric Waveguides00:00:00
Vector Modes00:00:00
Channel Waveguide00:00:00
Directional Coupler and Coupled Mode Theory00:00:00
Passive Devices and Beam Propagation Method00:00:00
Dynamic Devices00:00:00
Integrated optical Systems and Applications00:00:00
Fabrication and Characterisation00:00:00
Ring Resonators00:00:00
Photonic Band Gap Devices00:00:00
Lecture Summary00:00:00
Photonic integrated circuits

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  • Introduction to Photonics