Microsoft Word 2019

  • Course level: Beginner


Microsoft Word 2019 is the latest version of the most popular word processing application on the market developed by Microsoft Corporation.

You can’t escape the number of businesses and individuals that use Microsoft Word on a daily basis. Regardless of your own word processing program preference, you’re bound to do business or communicate with someone who uses MS Word exclusively. For this reason, you need to know what it can do and how to do it. This course will show you the many ways that you can integrate Microsoft Word 2019 into your everyday life.

Learn how to create, edit, format, and share documents with ease using Microsoft Word 2019. This course covers a variety of topics, including leveraging templates and building blocks to create a stylish document with instant purpose; creating numbered and bulleted lists; working with columns and tables; adding images and shapes to your documents; collaborating on documents with your team; and sharing documents via OneDrive, email, and through other means. Plus, learn how to use the proofing tools in Word to check spelling and grammar, get word counts, and more.


Who this course is for:

  1. The first section is for students who’ve never touched or used Excel before
  2. If you’re intermediate or expert and want to freshen up on the fundamentals, no problem, come on in!!

What Will I Learn?

  • File Creation and Control
  • Page Navigation
  • Text Formatting and Layout
  • Bullet Points and Customization
  • Copying, Cutting, Pasting and Selection Tips
  • Table Design and Customization
  • Excel Data Importing
  • Object Control and Design
  • Spell Check and Thesaurus
  • Printing Setup
  • PDF Printing
  • Page Layout Customizaion
  • Header and Footer Setup
  • Quick Access Toolbar for Efficiency
  • Format Painting
  • Shape Control
  • Picture Styling
  • Additional Formatting options
  • Symbols and Equations
  • Hyperlinking
  • Page Border Setup
  • Design Quick Styling
  • Document Protection
  • SmartArt
  • Template Design
  • Page Breaking
  • Cover Pages
  • Screenshot Features
  • File Review
  • Watermarking

Topics for this course

42 Lessons

Microsoft Word 2019

Getting Started00:00:00
Creating and Opening Documents00:00:00
Saving and Sharing Documents00:00:00
Text Basics00:00:00
Formatting Text00:00:00
Using Find and Replace00:00:00
Indents and Tabs00:00:00
Line and Paragraph Spacing00:00:00
Page Layout00:00:00
Headers and Footers00:00:00
Page Numbers00:00:00
Pictures and Text Wrapping00:00:00
Formatting Pictures00:00:00
Text Boxes00:00:00
Aligning, Ordering, and Grouping Objects00:00:00
Check Spelling and Grammar00:00:00
Track Changes and Comments00:00:00
Inspecting and Protecting Documents00:00:00
SmartArt Graphics00:00:00
Applying and Modifying Styles00:00:00
Mail Merge00:00:00
Add a Self-Updating Date Stamp to Your Doc00:00:00
Reduce Eye Strain with Read Mode00:00:00
Inserting a Screenshot with Ease00:00:00
Shortcuts for Inserting Lists00:00:00
Pick Up Where You Left Off00:00:00
Translate Text Instantly00:00:00
Basic Shortcuts for Text Formatting00:00:00
Using the Format Painter00:00:00
Clear All Formatting00:00:00
Recover Unsaved Documents00:00:00
Recover a Corrupted File00:00:00
Linking Within a Document00:00:00
Basic Keyboard Shortcuts00:00:00
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • No prior Microsoft Word knowledge required