Medicine & Healthcare

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Medicine & Healthcare

The apprenticeship concept is important to medical education, as all doctors-in-training are required to teach as well. However, medical school often does not provide much instruction in how to be a good teacher. This training for medical teachers includes physicians, fundamental scientists, and postdoctoral academics, and it gives practical techniques for enhancing teaching practice. The course takes a non-prescriptive approach that you can utilize with a wide range of learners, curriculum areas, and instructional situations, independent of your teaching philosophy. You’ll improve your abilities to create a positive learning environment and explain objectives. You’ll learn how to use successful approaches to enhance knowledge and retention, as well as how to provide feedback and evaluate students.

Who should register for Medicine & Healthcare course?
Faculty, fellows, chief residents, residents, and teaching assistants are all medical educators.
Postdoctoral researchers, Teachers of elementary science


What Will I Learn?

  • How to use a conceptual framework and behavioural suggestions to assess and improve your teaching
  • How to incorporate course topics and actions into your teaching philosophy and method of choice
  • How to make personal plans to improve your teaching

Topics for this course

9 Lessons

Course Overview: Mastering Medical Teaching

Strategies for Debriefing Medical Scenarios00:00:00
Making Sense of Statistics in the News00:00:00
How to Be a Statistical Detective00:00:00
What’s Next in Virus Detection and Vaccine Tech?00:00:00
Diet, Genes and Your Health: Unlock Your Genetic Potential with the Science of Epigenetics00:00:00
Using Genomics, Wearables and Big Data to Manage Health and Disease00:00:00
Mastering Medical Teaching00:00:00
How to Analyze Research Data00:00:00
How CRISPR Is Revolutionizing Cancer Research00:00:00

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