Medicinal Chemistry

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Medicinal Chemistry.

The main objective of this course is to familiarize students with the fundamental concepts of drug discovery and development. The course is intended for students who have a background in chemistry and interested in the process of drug discovery. The intended outcome is to train students on various aspects of new drug discovery/development, drug screening, target identification, lead discovery, optimization, and the molecular basis of drug design and drug action.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Third-year undergraduates of B.Sc. Chemistry; M.Sc. Chemistry students and doctoral students

What Will I Learn?

  • Week 1: An overview of drugs and drug targets
  • Week 2: Principles of enzyme structure, catalysis, and inhibition in drug discovery
  • Week 3: Receptors function and ligand binding interactions
  • Week 4: Nucleic acids structure and function
  • Week 5: Synthetic methods in medicinal chemistry
  • Week 6: Lead discovery; Bioassays; drug targets
  • Week 7: Lead discovery
  • Week 8: Drug metabolism and pharmacology
  • Week 9: Prodrugs and drug delivery systems
  • Week 10: Drug resistance mechanisms and synergism
  • Week 11: Drug resistance mechanisms and synergism

Topics for this course

69 Lessons

Medicinal Chemistry

Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry Part-I00:00:00
Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry Part-II00:00:00
Tutorial 01-Acidity, Basicity and Related concepts00:00:00
Tutorial 02-Basic Concepts of Thermodynamics and Kinetics00:00:00
Tutorial 03- Binding Forces, Protein Structure and Function00:00:00
Tutorial 04- Receptors, Binding Interactions, Ion Channels00:00:00
Tutorial 05-Nucleic acids, and Basics of Molecular Biology00:00:00
Tutorial 06-Enzyme Kinetics, Various Modes of Inhibition etc.00:00:00
Tutorial 07-Receptor-Drug Interactions, Stereochemistry, Chirality, Nomenclature00:00:00
Tutorial 08-Determination of Drug-Receptor Interactions, Conformation of Cyclic and Acyclic Structur00:00:00
Tutorial 09-Nucleic Acids and Related Topics00:00:00
Tutorial 10-ADME00:00:00
Tutorial 11-Drug administration routes and finding a lead00:00:00
Tutorial 1200:00:00
Tutorial 13- Optimizing Access-Prodrugs00:00:00
Intermolecular Binding Forces00:00:00
Protein Structure and Function00:00:00
Enzyme Catalysis Part-I00:00:00
Enzyme Catalysis Part-II00:00:00
Introduction to Receptors00:00:00
Receptor Types and Functions00:00:00
Enzymes as Drug Targets00:00:00
Enzyme Kinetics and Inhibition00:00:00
Receptors as Drug Targets Part-I00:00:00
Receptors as Drug Targets Part-II00:00:00
Pharmacokinetics Part-I00:00:00
Pharmacokinetics Part-II00:00:00
Finding a Lead Part-I00:00:00
Finding a Lead Part-II00:00:00
Optimizing Drug-Target Interactions Part-I00:00:00
Optimizing Drug-Target Interactions Part-II00:00:00
Optimizing Drug-Target Interactions Part-III00:00:00
Optimizing Drug-Target Interactions Part-IV00:00:00
Endogenous Compounds, Peptidomimetics and Oligonucleotides as Drugs00:00:00
Nucleic Acids00:00:00
RNA and Protein Synthesis00:00:00
Receptor-Drug Interactions.00:00:00
Nucleic Acids as Drug Targets Part-I00:00:00
Nucleic Acids as Drug Targets Part-II00:00:00
Miscellaneous Drug Targets00:00:00
Mechanisms in Biological Chemistry Part-I00:00:00
Mechanisms in Biological Chemistry Part-II00:00:00
Mechanisms in Biological Chemistry Part-III00:00:00
Drug Metabolism Part-I00:00:00
Drug Metabolism Part-II00:00:00
Drug Metabolism Part-III00:00:00
Drug Metabolism Part-IV00:00:00
Drug Administration Routes Part-I00:00:00
Drug Administration Routes Part-II00:00:00
Drug Screening00:00:00
Optimizing Access to the Target00:00:00
Stereochemistry and Conformation00:00:00
Prodrugs and Drug Alliances00:00:00
Medicinal Chemistry

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Any student who has done basic organic chemistry and has some knowledge of biochemistry with an interest in drug discovery