Mechanics of Solids part 1

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Mechanics of Solids part 1

The mechanics of deformable solids is more concerned with the internal forces and associated changes in the geometry of the components involved. Of particular importance are the properties of the materials used, the strength of which will determine whether the components fail by breaking in service, and the stiffness of which will determine whether the amount of deformation they suffer is acceptable.

Therefore, the subject of mechanics of materials or strength of materials is central to the whole activity of engineering design. Usually, the objectives in the analysis here will be the determination of the stresses, strains, and deflections produced by loads. Theoretical analyses and experimental results have an equal role in this field.


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Mechanics of Solids part 1

Simple Stress and Strain00:00:00
Types of Stresses and Strains00:00:00
Examples on Stress and Strain00:00:00
Elastic Body, Elasticity, Limit of Elasticity & Hooke’s Lawson00:00:00
Modulus of Elasticity, Modulus of Rigidity, Factor of Safety00:00:00
Longitudinal Strain, Lateral Strain & Poission’s Ratio00:00:00
Constitutive Relationship between Stress and Strain00:00:00
Prismatic and Non-Prismatic Bars & Composite and Compound Bars00:00:00
Stresses in Bars of Varying Sections00:00:00
Principle of Superposition00:00:00
Example based on Superposition – 100:00:00
Examples based on Principle of Superposition – 200:00:00
Stresses in Uniformly Tapering Circular Rod00:00:00
Stresses in Uniformly Tapering Rectangular Bar00:00:00
Example based on Circular and Rectangular Tapering Bar00:00:00
Analysis of Composite Sections, #CompositeSections, #Stress, #ModularRatio, #Strain00:00:00
Examples based on Composite Sections, #CompositeSections, #Stress, #VaryingLength, #Strain, #Problem00:00:00
Thermal Stresses, Thermal Strain, Thermal Stress, Temperature Strain00:00:00
Examples based on Thermal Stresses, #ThermalStresses, #TemperatureStresses, #Problems00:00:00
Thermal Stresses in Composite Bars, #ThermalStresses, #CompositeBars00:00:00
Mechanics of Solids part 1

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