MapReduce Design Patterns

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About Course

MapReduce Design Pattern is a template for solving a common and general data manipulation problem with MapReduce.

A pattern is not specific to a domain such as text processing or graph analysis, but it is a general approach to solving a problem. Using design patterns is all about using tried and true design principles to
build better software.

This video helps you to learn counters in MapReduce.

Video gives a brief insight into the following topics:

1.Understand Design Patterns vis-Avis Mapreduce

2.Why Mapreduce Design patterns

3.Understand constraints and design paradigm Mapreduce

4.Understand Summarization Patterns


What Will You Learn?

  • 1.understand What is Filtering Design pattern
  • 2.Use cases of Filtering Design patterns
  • 3. Sample Random Sampling example
  • 4.Bloom Filtering Pattern
  • 5.Demo on filtering patterns
  • 6.understand what is MapReduce Design pattern
  • 7.Understand why MapReduce Design patterns
  • 8.Different types of MapReduce Design patterns
  • 9.Know about course project
  • 10.Use Case 1 - understand Stack Overflow Inverted Index
  • 11.Use Case 2 - understand Bloom filters

Course Content

MapReduce Design Patterns Tutorial Videos

  • MapReduce Design Patterns Tutorial – 1
  • Why Design Patterns In MapReduce
  • Patterns for Organization of Data
  • Binning Pattern for Data Smoothing
  • MapReduce Design Patterns for Filtering Data
  • Counters in Mapreduce
  • Stack Overflow Inverted Index
  • What is Bloom Filter
  • Overview of MapReduce
  • What is MapReduce Design Pattern
  • Patterns for implementing MapReduce Based System
  • MapReduceDesign Patterns Tutorial – 2
  • Understanding Bloom Filter in Depth

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