Learn About Technology 20/21

  • Course level: Beginner


The Technology program at Belleville Henderson is designed to promote critical thinking.

This is accomplished through the use of many problem solving, team working activities. This program is a must for any student interested in a career involving, these careers include engineering tech, design, architecture, or any of the various construction trades.

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Topics for this course

16 Lessons

Learn About Technology

What is Cloud Computing?00:00:00
How To Build A Mobile App With HTML Using Cordova/PhoneGap00:00:00
Microservices Architecture00:00:00
Service-Oriented Architecture, Cloud & API Economy00:00:00
Service Oriented Architecture00:00:00
Enterprise Service Bus00:00:00
Center for Internet Security (CIS), Critical Security Controls00:00:00
Advanced Searching with Google Search Engine00:00:00
Run Android On Windows00:00:00
Run Android Apps on your PC00:00:00
Nmap Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
Create a Network of Machines in VirtualBox00:00:00
Mobile Tracking App For Location00:00:00
Run Processes As Defaultuser000:00:00
Wi-Fi Analyzer00:00:00
Run An iPhone For Free On MacOS with Xcode!00:00:00

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