Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

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Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Acting as a leader and understanding customer experience are crucial aspects of launching successful goods, and an entrepreneurial mindset is an important part of that. Entrepreneurial discusses his experience juggling product design and user experience research in order to focus on user-centered design in order to turn prototypes into the next big thing

Entrepreneurial leaders discuss lessons learned from real-world experiences in a variety of company settings at this session. Global technology executives, startup CEOs, venture capitalists, educators, and best-selling authors are among the speakers.


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Topics for this course

47 Lessons

Seminar – Building Billion Dollar Businesses

Seminar – How Strava Found its Niche48:54
Seminar – Strategies for Student Entrepreneurs46:27
Seminar – The Future of Voice48:00
Seminar – A Needs-Based Innovation Framework00:00:00
Seminar – Scaling with Purpose00:00:00
Seminar – The Courage to Begin00:00:00
Seminar – Surviving the Startup Grind00:00:00
Seminar – The Need for Inclusive AI00:00:00
Seminar – Underestimated00:00:00
Seminar – Unicorn Lessons00:00:00
Seminar – The Future is Accessible00:00:00
Seminar – Software is Hard Work00:00:00
Seminar – Finding the Great Problems00:00:00
Seminar – Resilience is Everything00:00:00
Seminar – Redesigning the CEO00:00:00
Creating a Buzz Around B2B Software00:00:00
Seminar – Listening to the Market00:00:00
Seminar – How to Adapt and Flow00:00:00
Seminar – The Zen of Entrepreneurship00:00:00
Seminar – Prepare to Launch00:00:00
Seminar – Strategies to Fight Disaster00:00:00
Seminar – Sustaining a Startup’s Growth00:00:00
Seminar – Closing Tech’s Diversity Gap00:00:00
Seminar – Build The Right It00:00:00
Seminar – Building a People-First Company00:00:00
Seminar – Building a People-First Company00:00:00
Seminar – When DNA Meets AI00:00:00
Seminar – Mobilizing the Future00:00:00
Seminar – Building the Cryptocurrency Ecosystem00:00:00
Seminar – Climbing the Ladder00:00:00
Seminar – The Altruistic Entrepreneur00:00:00
Seminar – Modernizing the Shipping Industry00:00:00
Seminar – Find Your Superpower, Launch Your Career00:00:00
Seminar – Let Your Customers Educate You00:00:00
Seminar – Focus on Forward Momentum00:00:00
Seminar – Innovation Driven by Sustainability00:00:00
Seminar – Design to Disrupt00:00:00
Seminar – Scaling Community by Leading with Love00:00:00
Seminar – True Ventures00:00:00
Seminar – Exploring Defining Moments in Life00:00:00
Seminar – Gender Disparities in Software Engineering00:00:00
Seminar – Strategic Investment for Girls’ Empowerment00:00:00
Seminar – Gaming Platform Entrepreneurship00:00:00
Seminar – Building and Leading Organizations00:00:00
Seminar – Intense Moments of a Startup Life00:00:00
Seminar – Sustainable Conservation00:00:00
Seminar – What Success Means in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem00:00:00

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