Energy Technology

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Energy Technology

The Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies Program (EIET) looks at new technologies, regulations, economics, finance, management, and behavioral science to see how they will change how we get, distribute, store, and consume energy. You can tailor your study to your own interests by taking a choice of online energy courses. This online energy education program brings together some of the world’s most renowned energy researchers to share their skills and knowledge.

Who Should Sign Up to Energy Technology?
Professionals who work in the energy field or who want to work in the field
Product creators
Managers of product marketing
Entrepreneurs, investors, accountants, and policymakers are interested in learning more about the energy industry and its opportunities.

What Will I Learn?

  • Gain a better knowledge of the energy landscape as a whole.
  • Learn the principles of how each technology works, as well as the economics that apply to it.
  • Determine the chances to contribute to the development and marketing of each technology by obtaining a clear understanding of where it is headed.
  • Learn how to succeed in these industries by gaining useful insight into the information and expertise required.

Topics for this course

32 Lessons

Energy Technology

Webinar: Grid Modernization and the Integration of Distributed Resources00:00:00
Building Energy Efficiency: Technology, Policy & Policy00:00:00
Learn about transitioning to 100% Clean, Renewable Energy and Storage00:00:00
Energy Innovation and Emerging Technologies (EIET) Certificate Program00:00:00
Learn about Transforming the Grid: AI, Renewables, Storage, EVs, and Prosumers00:00:00
Opportunities & New Frontiers in Building Energy Efficiency00:00:00
Webinar: Battery Innovations to Fight Climate Change00:00:00
Seminar – NEC’s New Strategy for Inbound/Outbound Open Innovatio00:00:00
The Next Big Opportunities in Energy Storage00:00:00
Seminar: Modular Mass Tansit System00:00:00
Seminar: Rise of Renewable Energy Sources in Japan00:00:00
Stanford Seminar – Leslie Field of Stanford University00:00:00
Seminar – Marc Tarpenning of Tesla00:00:00
Seminar – Nancy Pfund of DBL Partners00:00:00
Seminar – Doug Stoup of Ice Axe Expeditions00:00:00
Seminar – Rocco Mancinelli of HelioBioSys00:00:00
Seminar – Alvar Escriva-Bou of Public Policy Institute of California00:00:00
Seminar – Brian von Herzen of The Climate Foundation00:00:00
Seminar – Leslie Field of Stanford University00:00:00
Seminar – Enviornmental Engineering and Water Quality00:00:00
Seminar – The Solar Industry from the Inside00:00:00
Seminar – Green Building and LEED for Homes00:00:00
Seminar – Large-scale Sustainable Utilization of Carbon Dioxide00:00:00
Seminar – Engineering Climate: Ice911 Study00:00:00
Seminar – Modula S. Green Building and Smart Grid00:00:00
Seminar – Ice911: Leslie Field of Stanford University00:00:00
Seminar – Water, Drough and Water Policy00:00:00
Seminar – Polar Observations, Field Testing & Engineering00:00:00
Seminar – The Solar Power Industry00:00:00
Seminar – Bio-Produced Feedstocks for Fuels and Sugars00:00:00
Seminar – Geological & Enviornmental Science Carbon Sequestration00:00:00
Seminar – Solar-Powered Cooling00:00:00

Enrolment validity: Lifetime