Electrical System Design : EE405

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Electrical System Design: EE405.

Electrical system design practices – general awareness of IS Codes, Electricity Acts & Rules, NEC, etc.
Domestic Installations, Motor Installations, 11 kV substation installations. Cinema theatre, auditorium, and high-rise building installations. Standby generator selection and their Installations. Underground cable installations and their accessories. Types of earthing, lightning arresters, fire fitting, and lifts.

Electrical System Design

Course Objectives
 To gain knowledge of acts and rules used for regulating the electrical supply in our country.
 To impart sound knowledge in the design and estimation of low voltage and medium voltage electrical installations.
 To gain knowledge of the selection of distribution transformers and their installations.
 To gain knowledge of Earthing designs in different installations and the standard dimensions of earthing systems.


What Will I Learn?

  • i. Know the basic Rules and regulations in electrical installations.
  • ii. To prepare the schematic diagram, installation plan, quantity of materials and estimate for
  • different electrical installations.

Topics for this course

12 Lessons

Electrical System Design : EE405

EE405:Electrical System Design _ Introduction00:00:00
General awareness of IS codes : ESD # L100:00:00
The Indian Electricity Act 2003, ESD # L200:00:00
National Electric Code, ESD # L300:00:00
Safety aspects of electrical system design, ESD # L400:00:00
Design aspects of building services, ESD # L500:00:00
Classification of voltages, standards and specifications, ESD #L6​00:00:00
Electrical design of domestic dwelling,wiring rules, subcircuit determination, ESD #L7​00:00:00
Design of electrical installation for low voltage application- numerical example, ESD # L800:00:00
Protective devices for domestic installation, ESD # L900:00:00
Electrical installation for small industries, ESD # L1000:00:00
Design of industrial installation,ESD# L1100:00:00
Electrical System Design

Enrolment validity: Lifetime