Electrical Installation design

  • Course level: Beginner


Electrical Installation design.

To develop the essential, up-to-date knowledge and techniques needed to professionally design and install or inspect and test electrical systems. The ability to design is required before new installations are constructed and also when additions or alterations to existing installations are required. This may be ideal for qualified electricians wishing to expand or update their professional knowledge and skills and who are working with minimal or no supervision. It can be intended for personnel in electrical contracting companies who have responsibility for the quality of the design, specification, installation, and testing process.

Electrical Installation design

this short Electrical Installation design course will include

  1. Maximum Demand
  2. Current Carrying Capacity
  3. Voltage Drop
  4. Domestic Switchboards

What Will I Learn?

  • Maximum Demand
  • Current Carrying Capacity
  • Voltage Drop
  • Domestic Switchboards

Topics for this course

6 Lessons

Electrical Installation design

Maximum Demand Part 1 AS/NZS300000:00:00
Current Carrying Capacity Part 1 and 2 ASNZS300800:00:00
Voltage Drop AS/NZS3008 Part One00:00:00
Voltage Drop AS/NZS3008 Part Two00:00:00
Voltage Drop AS/NZS3008 Part Three00:00:00
Domestic Switchboards00:00:00
Electrical Installation design

Enrolment validity: Lifetime