Computer Fundamentals

  • Course level: Beginner


The Computer Fundamentals course is an entry-level training course which targets to develop basic computer literacy among the candidates.

The course is oriented towards enabling the candidates to learn the basic concepts of the operating system, personal computer, computer networking and to troubleshoot common day-to-day problems that may arise in a very small office or a personal setup.

This course is designed for staff members of an organization who are transitioning to personal computers from manual work. The course helps the organization to reduce unnecessary burden on their IT team by enabling the non-IT staff to take care of the very basic issues they may face while using personal computers at their workplaces.

Who this Computer Fundamentals course is for:

  1. Students beginning to learn to use computer
  2. Non-IT staff members of an organization
  3. Candidates looking forward to gaining basic knowledge about computers

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn about the operating system fundamentals
  • Identify components of a personal computer
  • Understand the working of computer networking
  • Develop concept of software and its licensing
  • Learn the basic troubleshooting techniques

Topics for this course

41 Lessons

Computer Fundamentals

Basics for Beginners00:00:00
Hardware vs Software – Learn How to Use Computers & Basics for Beginners PC00:00:00
Computer Uses – What Can you do with Computers – Technology Tutorials PC Mac00:00:00
Types of Computers – Different Personal Computer All Type Desktop Laptop PC00:00:00
Setting Up a Computer – How to Set a Desktop Computers and How to Plug In PC00:00:00
The Keyboard and Mouse – Learn How To Use a PC – Tips & Tricks for Beginners00:00:00
Hardware – Computer Cases – Ports on PC Case – What is USB HDMI and VGA Port00:00:00
Windows 10 & Mac OS X – How to Use MS Microsoft and Apple Operating Systems00:00:00
Printers – What is a Printer? USB Wireless and Parallel Port for PC and Mac00:00:00
Mobile Devices – Handheld Computers – Tablets Smartphones iOS and Android00:00:00
Boot Up – What is the Boot Up Process on a Computer? Sign In Screen PC & Mac00:00:00
How to Get Your Computer Questions Answered00:00:00
Undo & Redo Shortcut Keys – ctrl Z Control Z ctrl+z ctrl-z ctrl + Z ctrl y00:00:00
Routers VS. Modems – What is the Difference Between a Router and a Modem? PC00:00:00
Cloud Storage – What is Online Storage and How Does it Work Explained Google00:00:00
Choosing an Internet Service Provider00:00:00
Internet Services Tutorial – Types of Web Connections and Service00:00:00
Browsing the Web00:00:00
Google Chrome – Advanced Search00:00:00
Why Use the Cloud00:00:00
Windows 10 – OneDrive – Microsoft One Drive Cloud Storage Tutorial00:00:00
File Management – Folders and Subfolders Structure00:00:00
Delete & Restore Files – Permanently Remove File – Recycling Bin Windows 1000:00:00
Run a Disk Cleanup – Computer Basics – Protecting your Computer00:00:00
How to Disable Programs Running on Startup00:00:00
Troubleshoot Common Computer Problems00:00:00
Inside a Computer – What Hardware Parts are In a Computer & What do they do?00:00:00
Laptop Computers – What are Laptops? What is a Notebook Mac and Windows PC00:00:00
File Extensions & Types – How to Show & Change Files Extension in Windows 1000:00:00
Downloading and Uploading – What is Upload and Download00:00:00
Free Software00:00:00
PDF Format – What is a PDF File? How To Use Create & Make PDF Files in Word00:00:00
Operating Systems – Desktop & Mobile OS – Microsoft Windows Mac Fundamental00:00:00
Applications – What is a Desktop Application – Mobile and Web Apps00:00:00
Windows 10 – How to Update Operating System00:00:00
What To Do If Your Computer Gets a Virus00:00:00
Install Software in Windows 1000:00:00
Power Cycle – How to Fix Internet Connection Problems00:00:00
Keeping Your Computer Clean00:00:00
Protecting Your Computer00:00:00
Creating a Safe Workspace00:00:00
Computer Fundamentals
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • The course has no formal perquisites.
  • Anyone can enroll for this course. Please note that the course is very basic in nature; hence, it is not recommended for experienced professionals.