Black Hat USA 2019 part 03

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Black Hat USA 2019 part 03

Now in its 22nd year, Black Hat USA is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development, and trends. BlackHat USA 2019 opens with four days of technical Training (August 3-6) followed by the two-day main conference (August 7-8) featuring Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, and more.


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Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Black Hat USA 2019 part 03

Dragonblood: Attacking the Dragonfly Handshake of WPA300:00:00
Moving from Hacking IoT Gadgets to Breaking into One of Europe’s Highest Hotel Suites00:00:00
PicoDMA: DMA Attacks at Your Fingertips00:00:00
HTTP Desync Attacks: Smashing into the Cell Next Door00:00:00
Critical Zero Days Remotely Compromise the Most Popular Real-Time OS00:00:00
Controlled Chaos: The Inevitable Marriage of DevOps & Security00:00:00
Behind the Scenes: The Industry of Social Media Manipulation Driven by Malware00:00:00
Breaking Through Another Side: Bypassing Firmware Security Boundaries from Embedded Controller00:00:00
All Your Apple are Belong to Us: Unique Identification and Cross-Device Tracking of Apple Devices00:00:00
Paging All Windows Geeks – Finding Evil in Windows 10 Compressed Memory00:00:00
Women in Security: Building a Female InfoSec Community in Korea, Japan, and Taiwan00:00:00
Monsters in the Middleboxes: Building Tools for Detecting HTTPS Interception00:00:00
HostSplit: Exploitable Antipatterns in Unicode Normalization00:00:00
API-Induced SSRF: How Apple Pay Scattered Vulnerabilities Across the Web00:00:00
Exploring the New World : Remote Exploitation of SQLite and Curl00:00:00
Selling 0-Days to Governments and Offensive Security Companies00:00:00
Defense Against Rapidly Morphing DDOS00:00:00
Arm IDA and Cross Check: Reversing the Boeing 787’s Core Network00:00:00
Lessons From Two Years of Crypto Audits00:00:00
He Said, She Said – Poisoned RDP Offense and Defense00:00:00
Chip.Fail – Glitching the Silicon of the Connected World00:00:00
Testing Your Organization’s Social Media Awareness00:00:00
Making Big Things Better The Dead Cow Way00:00:00
Debug for Bug: Crack and Hack Apple Core by Itself00:00:00
MINimum Failure – Stealing Bitcoins with Electromagnetic Fault Injection00:00:00
Managing for Success: Maintaining a Healthy Bug Bounty Program Long Term00:00:00
Internet-Scale Analysis of AWS Cognito Security00:00:00
Breaking Encrypted Databases: Generic Attacks on Range Queries00:00:00
Firmware Cartography: Charting the Course for Modern Server Compromise00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2019

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