Black Hat USA 2019 part 02

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Black Hat USA 2019 part 02

Now in its 22nd year, Black Hat USA is the world’s leading information security event, providing attendees with the very latest in research, development, and trends. BlackHat USA 2019 opens with four days of technical Training (August 3-6) followed by the two-day main conference (August 7-8) featuring Briefings, Arsenal, Business Hall, and more.


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Topics for this course

29 Lessons

Black Hat USA 2019 part 02

Going Beyond Coverage-Guided Fuzzing with Structured Fuzzing00:00:00
Fantastic Red-Team Attacks and How to Find Them00:00:00
Automation Techniques in C++ Reverse Engineering00:00:00
Hacking Ten Million Useful Idiots: Online Propaganda as a Socio-Technical Security Project00:00:00
A Compendium of Container Escapes00:00:00
The Enemy Within: Modern Supply Chain Attacks00:00:00
Biometric Authentication Under Threat: Liveness Detection Hacking00:00:00
The Discovery of a Government Malware and an Unexpected Spy Scandal00:00:00
Adventures in the Underland: The CQForensic Toolkit as a Unique Weapon Against Hackers00:00:00
Everybody be Cool, This is a Robbery!00:00:00
How Do Cyber Insurers View The World?00:00:00
Shifting Knowledge Left: Keeping up with Modern Application Security00:00:00
Preventing Authentication Bypass: A Tale of Two Researchers00:00:00
The Most Secure Browser? Pwning Chrome from 2016 to 201900:00:00
Exploiting the Hyper-V IDE Emulator to Escape the Virtual Machine00:00:00
Behind the Scenes of Intel Security and Manageability Engine00:00:00
Exploiting Qualcomm WLAN and Modem Over The Air00:00:00
Project Zero: Five Years of ‘Make 0Day Hard’00:00:00
0-days & Mitigations: Roadways to Exploit and Secure Connected BMW Cars00:00:00
Cyber Insurance 101 for CISO’s00:00:00
Look, No Hands! — The Remote, Interaction-less Attack Surface of the iPhone00:00:00
Finding Our Path: How We’re Trying to Improve Active Directory Security00:00:00
Towards Discovering Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities in Apple FaceTime00:00:00
All the 4G Modules Could be Hacked00:00:00
Messaging Layer Security: Towards a New Era of Secure Group Messaging00:00:00
Responding to a Cyber Attack with Missiles00:00:00
How to Detect that Your Domains are Being Abused for Phishing by Using DNS00:00:00
Lessons and Lulz: The 5th Annual Black Hat USA NOC Report00:00:00
Lessons and Lulz: The 5th Annual Black Hat USA NOC Report00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2019

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