Black Hat USA 2014 part 3

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Black Hat USA 2014 part 3

Black Hat USA is the show that sets the benchmark for all other security conferences. As Black Hat returns for its 17th year to Las Vegas, we bring together the brightest in the world for six days of learning, networking, and skill-building. Join us for four intense days of Training and two jam-packed days of Briefings.

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Black Hat USA 2014 part 3

The New Scourge of Ransomware: A Study of CryptoLocker and Its Friends00:00:00
GRR: Find All the Badness, Collect All the Things00:00:00
One Packer to Rule Them All00:00:00
A Journey to Protect Points-of-Sale00:00:00
Why You Need to Detect More Than PtH00:00:00
Investigating PowerShell Attacks00:00:00
SecSi Product Development00:00:00
How to Wear Your Password00:00:00
APT Attribution and DNS Profiling00:00:00
Bitcoin Transaction Malleability Theory in Practice00:00:00
Exploiting Unpatched iOS Vulnerabilities for Fun and Profit00:00:00
Write Once, Pwn Anywhere00:00:00
Thinking Outside the Sandbox – Violating Trust Boundaries in Uncommon Ways00:00:00
Stay Out of the Kitchen: A DLP Security Bake-Off00:00:00
Extreme Privilege Escalation on Windows 8/UEFI Systems00:00:00
Abusing Performance Optimization Weaknesses to Bypass ASLR00:00:00
Lifecycle of a Phone Fraudster: Exposing Fraud Activity00:00:00
When the Lights Go Out: Hacking Cisco EnergyWise00:00:00
Hacking the Wireless World with Software Defined Radio – 2.000:00:00
Dynamic Flash Instrumentation for Fun and Profit00:00:00
From Attacks to Action – Building a Usable Threat Model to Drive Defensive Choices00:00:00
Point of Sale System Architecture and Security00:00:00
Unveiling the Open Source Visualization Engine for Busy Hackers00:00:00
Black Hat USA 2014

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