Black Hat Asia 2017 part 02

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Black Hat Asia 2017 part 02

Black Hat is returning to Asia again in 2017, and we have quite an event in store. Here the brightest professionals and researchers in the industry will come together for a total of four days–two days of deeply technical hands-on Training, followed by two days of the latest research and vulnerability disclosures at our Briefings.

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Black Hat Asia 2017 part 02

All Your Emails Belong to Us: Exploiting Vulnerable Email Clients via Domain Name Collision00:00:00
Cache Side Channel Attack: Exploitability and Countermeasures00:00:00
Go Get My/Vulnerabilities00:00:00
Mobile-Telephony Threats in Asia00:00:00
The Power of Data-Oriented Attacks00:00:00
Myth and Truth About Hypervisor-Based Kernel Protector: The Reason Why You Need Shadow-Box00:00:00
3G/4G Intranet Scanning and its Application on the WormHole Vulnerability00:00:00
24 Techniques to Gather Threat Intel and Track Actors00:00:00
Never Let Your Guard Down: Finding Unguarded Gates to Bypass Control Flow Guard with Big Data00:00:00
Hack Microsoft Using Microsoft Signed Binaries00:00:00
The UEFI Firmware Rootkits: Myths and Reality00:00:00
Beyond the Blacklists: Detecting Malicious URL Through Machine Learning00:00:00
Breaking Korea Transit Card with Side-Channel Attack – Unauthorized Recharging00:00:00
Dig Into the Attack Surface of PDF and Gain 100+ CVEs in 1 Year00:00:00
Hacking HTTP/2 – New Attacks on the Internet’s Next Generation Foundation00:00:00
The Irrelevance of K-Bytes Detection – Building a Robust Pipeline for Malicious Documents00:00:00
Drop the ROP: Fine-Grained Control-Flow Integrity for the Linux Kernel00:00:00
Cross the Wall – Bypass All Modern Mitigations of Microsoft Edge00:00:00
Locknote: Conclusions & Key Takeaways from Black Hat Asia 201700:00:00
Black Hat Asia 2017

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