Artificial Intelligence

  • Course level: Beginner


“Artificial Intelligence (AI)  Tutorial” will provide you with a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of AI and also give you real-life examples where AI is being used and the various Job Profiles one can apply if they have the right skill.

What is AI?

AI vs ML vs DL

Importance of AI

AI Applications

Domains of AI

Different Job Profiles in AI

Companies Hiring

Object Detection: Hands ON


What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Learn What is Artificial Intelligence & its applications
  • 2. Subsets of AI - Machine Learning & Deep Learning
  • 3. Learn What is Deep Learning?
  • 4. Use Case - Recognizing handwritten digits from MNIST dataset
  • 5. Where we can use Deep Learning.
  • 6. History of Artificial Intelligence.
  • 7.Dependency on Artificial Intelligence.

Topics for this course

30 Lessons

Artificial Intelligence Tutorial For Beginners

Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
Artificial Intelligence in 2 Minutes00:00:00
Introduction to Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
What is Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
Top 10 Applications Of Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
Artificial Intelligence Tutorial for Beginners00:00:00
Q Learning Explained00:00:00
What is Machine Learning?00:00:00
Breadth First Search Algorithm In 10 Minutes00:00:00
Top 10 Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
What is Deep Learning00:00:00
AI vs Machine Learning vs Deep Learning00:00:00
Deep Learning Tutorial00:00:00
TensorFlow Tutorial00:00:00
Artificial Neural Network Tutorial00:00:00
Recurrent Neural Networks (RNN)00:00:00
Convolutional Neural Network (CNN)00:00:00
Deep Learning Using TensorFlow00:00:00
TensorFlow Explained00:00:00
TensorFlow Object Detection00:00:00
Keras Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
Types Of Artificial Intelligence00:00:00
Artificial Intelligence with Python00:00:00
Knowledge Representation in AI00:00:00
Hill Climbing Algorithm00:00:00
A* Algorithm in AI00:00:00
Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technologies in 202000:00:00
What is Cognitive AI?00:00:00
Future of AI/ML00:00:00
AI in Space Science00:00:00
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  • The following professionals can go for this course:
  • 1. Developers aspiring to be a 'Data Scientist'
  • 2. Analytics Managers who are leading a team of analysts
  • 3. Business Analysts who want to understand Deep Learning (ML) Techniques
  • 4. Information Architects who want to gain expertise in Predictive Analytics
  • 5. Professionals who want to captivate and analyze Big Data
  • 6. Analysts wanting to understand Data Science methodologies
  • However, Deep learning is not just focused to one particular industry or skill set, it can be used by anyone to enhance their portfolio.