Amplifier Masterclass

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Amplifier Masterclass

Assuring RF power amplifiers‘ high performance You must confirm that your new design meets the target criteria before releasing it to the market. It’s a difficult and time-consuming operation to verify the physical performance of active components like RF power and RF frontends. Continuous-wave testing for intermodulation or port impedance is commonly performed with a vector network analyzer functioning as a one-box RF frontend (RFFE) tester. Wideband testing for modulation performance and effects, on the other hand, often necessitates the use of a vector signal generator and a signal analyzer.


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What Will I Learn?

  • measure basic parameters of an amplifier
  • measuring modulation quality of RF components and devices
  • EVM and the various methods of measuring it
  • channel spectrum performance and device efficiency

Topics for this course

5 Lessons

R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 1 – CW to Modulated Measurements

R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 2 – A discussion of EVM’s19:45
R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 3 – The Basics of Digital Pre-Distortion22:45
R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 4 – Advanced Digital Pre-Distortion00:00:00
R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 5 – Decomposed EVM14:26
R&S Amplifier Masterclass Video 6 – Memory Polynomial Digital Pre-Distortion22:12

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  • Electrical Engineer, Communication Engineer and anyone having basic knowledge of subjects