Advanced 5G and Beyond Technologies – Beginner to Expert

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Advanced 5G and Beyond Technologies – Beginner to Expert

If you want to prepare yourself to work in Telecom companies, such as NOKIA, HUAWEI, SAMSUNG, APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, MICROSOFT, ERICSSON, QUALCOMM, INTEL, ZTE, etc., or want to find new interesting research topics, then this course is just for you. In this course, you will learn in details most technical aspects of 5G and beyond technologies along with learning wireless communication design using MATLAB starting from simulations to real hardware implementation, 5G Waveform, OFDM, OTFS, Multiple Access Technique, NOMA, mm-Wave, massive MIMO, VLC, LIFI, and many other currents and industry-relevant topics to guarantee a complete full advanced understanding of 5G and beyond networks.

As a bonus, after you complete watching all the lecture videos of the course, you will be able to get a professional certificate of attendance.

What Will I Learn?

  • The 5G New Radio Air Interface characteristics
  • The features of the 5G network architecture
  • The licensed Spectrum for 5G
  • The 5G Services, and applications in 5G
  • The 5G use cases and Performance Goals
  • The key building blocks of 5G Networks
  • The differences between 5G and the other Wireless Cellular Mobile Generations

Topics for this course

23 Lessons

Introduction to 5G and beyond technology

5G: Wireless communication design using MATLAB: From simulations to real hardware implementation -V340:11
5G: Massive IoT (mMTC) and Critical IoT (URLLC): Applications, Requirements, and Technologies – V238:36
5G: Introduction to 5G and beyond technology – V11:06:18

What is OFDM and How it works?

5G Waveforms and Multiple Access Techniques

Physical Layer of 5G NR

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)

Introduction to Massive MIMO

OTFS Waveform

MIMO at Millimeter Wave

LiFi/ VLC- Vissible light Communication


Localization and Sensing

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How can get the code and the resources that I can use to run the examples.

This videos are very informative and knowledgeable tell about the future trends on 5G and 6G technology. i get really great knowledge from it and I hope others also get good and increase their knowledge, the concepts are cleared very good about the 5G and beyond technology I am thankful to my professor for suggest me this course

Very great course. Thanks to the topics covered in the course I feel more confident about the 5G technologies and applications. I submit my appreciations to the instructor of this course for his efforts to create such a comprehensive lecture series.

This course Is very useful and informative for us.these lecture clear our concepts and this vedios is so interesting and well-explained.thank you so much.

Thanks to the instructor for this course, the content was very informative with in depth knowledge about the 5G trends and 6G concepts. If the other students are keen in improving their understanding regarding 5G and beyond technology then this course is for them.

Advance 5G and Beyond Technologies

Material Includes


Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Basic understanding of wireless systems
  • Some knowledge in communication systems
  • True desire to master and learn about 5G

Target Audience

  • For all engineers working in the telecom sector
  • For all researchers in the telecommunication domain
  • For university engineering students interested in 5G technologies
  • For tech-savvy personals from both academia and industry