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ResearcherStore for Youtube Teachers

Everything is suspended, from schools, colleges, universities, and organizations. Due to the covid-19 pandemic, people are at home, which has automatically changed the working norms of the world. So, everything has shifted from the physical world to the online world, which has created more demand for online content than ever before. For example, students want more specific on-demand content, including personal one on one consultation or mentorship.

On YouTube, YouTubers create content for their followers, which is free and available everywhere at any time. They receive a lot of questions and requests through emails and comments in return. Which also includes one-on-one or group consultation and mentorship related to a specific topic. Now, this becomes different because here a YouTuber must dedicate some of his time and resources and must manage them simultaneously. So, we believe now they need to be compensated for this great effort and dedication.

To take care of all of this, he must put in some serious effort. So, we invite these YouTubers to our platform known as Researcher Store (Consultation, Coaching, Mentorship | ResearcherStore). This platform provides YouTubers with the necessary tools to help create their services and manage time, resources, and products. Most importantly, this platform ensures the YouTubers get paid first. They need to create a free account on the platform from here Consultation, Coaching, Mentorship | ResearcherStore. Now here they can put their consultation and mentorship services as a product. Their followers and students can select any product related to their specific topic. The students must first pay to schedule a one-on-one consultation or mentorship service with you. In this way, the YouTubers earn, while the students get extreme value out of the products and services.

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Students can book appointments from this link OFDM Consultations And Mentorship With Dr. Jehad Hamamreh | ResearcherStore. Image 1 illustrates the appointment structure. The students can select the appropriate time and date and book the appointment. After the students book an appointment, the teachers receive a notification via email. Now the teachers can further proceed with the scheduling of the call at the appropriate time and date. The timing is flexible, which will ensure that the mentor and the students are available at a specific time.

You will get paid before the call takes place so that there are no mishaps. The platform ensures the rights of the teacher and the student. First, the student pays the money, which is stored, with the system when the call takes place. Everything gets finished, then the teacher notifies the platform about it and the money is transferred to the teacher directly.

You can also select the time and the day that matches your availability, but if there is suddenly an availability issue, the teacher can communicate with the student to clarify and reschedule the call. The call will be recorded, during the appointment, which is to ensure the presence of the student and the teacher so that the platform can know about them.

About the amount, the student pays to the system. What will be the Commission the teacher gets or the platform? How is the process carried out?

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From image 2, we can see the dedicated options available, which enable the teachers to build courses, training, workshops, digital products services, consultation, and mentorship services. The students can book the products available, and the teacher gets paid. It is not a manual process.

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We can access the options seen in image three from RS-Membership | ResearcherStore. From image 3, we can see three stages the teachers can go through them step by step. They will start from the first stage, which is the most popular one, where you get to upload ten plans that include consultation topics and courses for free. Since the teachers are just starting, the storage is 1GB, the features and support are also elementary. About the commission process, since this is the first stage, the teacher gets 75% of the total commission.

When products increase beyond ten, and teachers book calls up to five, they will get promoted to the second stage where there are more plans up to 100 and more storage up to ten GB, and you will receive all the advanced tools and support. The Commission rate increases up to 90%, as seen in image 3. The products include services, booking consultations, appointments, and you can also put downloadable products like you have books or have collected multiple-choice questions that frequently appear in exams. You can offer courses there are more advanced than available on YouTube. In the first stage, there is no approval required, but for the second stage, there is approval required. By this, the platform can assure that the person providing the services is dedicated and serious.

Stage one, you can consider this as a testing phase, where you’re preparing yourself. You get to know about the platform and experience what the platform offers. When you get three or more sales, your tier increases automatically, as mentioned previously. When the students book a teacher several times, the product count increases to more than 100 then the teacher is promoted from tier 2 to 3. Where you receive an unlimited number of products, services, unlimited storage, maximum advanced features, support, most importantly, a 100% commission, and the teacher only pays a fee of 20 pounds per month.

Let’s say if a teacher gets booked multiple times a month, so if they count the commission cut at tier 2- and 20-pound payment per month at tier 3. It is more beneficial for the teachers to be at tier 3. You can promote your products services on YouTube with your followers, who will love this and appreciate it because they will be more than happy to book a call with you. If a teacher is booked more than once at the same time, you can have a group consultation where your students and followers can connect with your community.

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On the website, teachers can go to the store and log into it from here Log In | ResearcherStore. In image 4, you can see product services, a booking calendar option available on the left-hand side. The people who booked with you will be visible and stuff related to them. In Web page and blogs options, you can write details about your account, product, or courses. In the orders option, you will get order notifications from the customers or followers who have booked with you and will get their names and emails from here. From the media, coupons, refund, and payment options, you can put your banking details, send a request, and automatically receive the amount to your account. The platform ensures everybody trusting everybody. You also have reports, reviews, and quote options. If you do not want to put a price on a particular product, for example, if this is related to businesses which they can get, and it will be a non-disclosure one.

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So now you need to add a consultation product. What will you do? You go to the product and services option, which is at the top of the web page on the left-hand side as seen in image 5, and go to the simple product option, which includes virtual and downloadable buttons. You can decide if you want your product to be a downloadable one or virtual, the customers can download a downloadable product, which they can buy, and a virtual product is where they can join a community, a group, or a course. You also have a rental product option, as seen in image 5, that is useful when you want to offer consultation or mentorship service, where time and date are required. Then you name your product, upload images related to your services. In a short description, you can write relevant to the product or service and highlight its value, and in a detailed description section, you can also write details about the service, value, contents, and conclusions.

The price section includes hourly price and set a quantity option is up to you about how many people can book at a certain time. SEO options are also available, where you insert keywords related to your product, and when customers search online, your products can appear there.

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Your E-store will look like Updates | ResearcherStore and what you need to know about it. As shown in image 6, the store will solve the problems of your followers. Everybody gets their value and rights, and you get compensated for your hard work and efforts.

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