Consultation services for 5G wireless systems

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ResearcherStore helps you give a comprehensive set of capabilities to deliver full end-to-end solutions for telecom operators and enterprises without vendor help in all technologies, 3G/4G and 5G in order to optimize your costs and deliver unmatched customer experience.Having a stable technological outlook, ResearcherStore 5G Consulting Services aims to provide advisory on the latest developments…


Boosting innovation and honing your competitive edge with 5G

Ultra-low latency, enormous transmission rates, global availability, scores of connected devices – 5G is certainly setting new standards. Applications can attain an unprecedented level of connectivity with 5G to connect objects and processes. This gives rise to new opportunities for enterprises across all industries to develop innovative products, systems and processes to secure their competitive edge.

What 5G can do for you and where it benefits you most

  • New applications and business models

Unprecedented applications and business models are surfacing in the wake of 5G. The great challenge is to identify new use cases and reimagine old ones, and then assess which 5G technologies can deliver real benefits for real-world applications.

  • Improved products and services

You can future-proof your offer by integrating 5G interfaces into your products and enriching your services with select 5G features. What matters, essentially, is finding the right approach and tackling the technological challenges of implementation and testing.

  • More flexible processes

There is vast potential to be tapped in 5G, especially for manufacturing processes. Remote-controlled applications and ultra-reliable wireless links to replace wireline connections open the door to more flexible processes in manufacturing and beyond.

  • One network for all

What will work best for you – the public network or a campus network with a dedicated 5G license? The challenge of having to choose the right 5G infrastructure is looming large for many organizations. We provide competent, independent support to help you make that decision.

Our 5G services:

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to developing and executing a 5G strategy. This is why we piece together many small, proven steps to build a 5G rollout strategy tailored to your needs. Drawing on our experience in developing wireless communication systems and our knowledge of ongoing 5G standardization, we will map out this path with you. The concepts we draft for you turn the spotlight on the best technological options for the given application.

As an applied research institute, we are also at your side when it comes time to put that plan into practice. With the benefit of our 5G research and development activities, we have the tools to adapt and prototype technologies for specific solutions, and test them under real-world conditions in the target application.

We provide services to help you bring your 5G project home successfully:

Knowledge and  consulting

  • Training and workshops
  • Technical audits/reports and feasibility studies
  • Engineering consulting services focused on 5G standardization

Planning and project support

  • Design: We develop use case scenarios and plan rollouts
  • Technology selection: We run simulations to assess and compare different radio technologies’ performance
  • We prepare spectrum plans and support you in applying for frequencies
  • We coordinate technical tasks during 5G projects’ implementation

Research and development

  • Technology development
  • Prototyping
  • Validation and laboratory/field tests
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