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The RS eLearning Library now offers courses in 5G, 6G, wireless, autonomous vehicles, AI, ML, cloud computing, smart grid, cyber security, blockchain, and more.

Get access to the continuing education courses needed to stay current or refresh your knowledge in key topics, gain new insight into emerging technologies, and develop skills needed to develop professionally and stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

Available Course Programs:

Machine Learning: Predictive Analysis for Business Decisions

Machine learning course icon

Machine learning is the fuel driving many artificial intelligence (AI) developments by providing AI with the ability to learn from its experiences without needing to be programmed to do so. This five-course program is ideal for any organization looking to use machine learning to improve their decision making. The program covers machine learning and its surrounding aspects, including models, algorithms, and platforms.

Digital Transformation: Moving Toward a Digital Society

Digital Transformation icon

This five-course program is aimed to foster a discussion around how digital transformation can transform various industries and provide the background knowledge needed to smartly implement digital tools into organizations.

AI Standards: Roadmap for Ethical and Responsible Digital Environments

AI Standards Course Program

AI Standards: Roadmap for Ethical and Responsible Digital Environments is a new five-course program that will help your organization responsibly integrate AI within your products and operations.

Automotive Cyber Security: Protecting the Vehicular Network

eLearning 150x150 Automotive Cyber Security

Automotive Cyber Security: Protecting the Vehicular Network is a five-course program from RS that investigates cyber security issues and solutions as well as how blockchain technology applies to automotive applications.

Enterprise Blockchain for Healthcare, IoT, Energy, and Supply Chain


Enterprise Blockchain, a five-course program from RS, is an advanced course in blockchain, designed to provide business use cases across key industries and sectors.

Introduction to IEEE Standard 1547-2018: Connecting Distributed Energy Resources


This course program provides an overview of IEEE Standard 1547™-2018, a new standard that has a significant impact on the design and deployment of all DER systems and more.

Finite Element Method for Photonics

finite element

The Finite Element Method for Photonics course program provides a comprehensive and up-to-date account of FEM in photonics devices.

5G Networks


The RS course program—developed in partnership with Nokia—is designed for organizations investing heavily in 5G technology.

Modernizing the Smart Grid

eLearning 150x150 Modernizing Smart Grid

Designed to get you and your team up-to-date quickly on the latest Smart Grid technologies.

Guide to Autonomous Vehicle Technology

eLearning 150x150 Autonomous Vehicle

Covers foundational and practical applications of autonomous, connected, and intelligent vehicle technologies.

Introduction to Edge Computing

eLearning 150x150 Edge Computing

Designed for organizations investing heavily in edge computing.

The National Electrical Safety Code® (NESC®) Course Program

eLearning 150x150 NESC

Designed for power utility professionals and related personnel who need to understand the rules, regulations, and changes in the NESC 2017.

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics in Design

Apply the theory of ethics to the design and business of artificial intelligence systems.

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

eLearning 150x150 Blockchain

Helps users make sense of blockchain technology and begin to discover applications that make sense for the industry.

Guide to the Internet of Things

eLearning 150x150 Internet of Things

Provides an organization the foundational knowledge it needs now to prepare for the Internet of Things.

Hacking Your Company: Ethical Solutions to Defeat Cyber Attacks

eLearning 150x150 Cyber Security

Aimed at helping businesses understand the weak points in their cyber security.

Cyber Security Tools for Today’s Environment

eLearning 150x150 Cyber Security 1

Designed to help businesses improve their security techniques.

Cloud Computing

eLearning 150x150 Cloud Computing

Covers many aspects of cloud computing technology including overviews, benefits and challenges, compliance and privacy, security, design, architecture, construction, use cases, automation, access control, storage management, and deployment.

Transportation Electrification

eLearning 150x150 Transportation Electrification

Understand concepts of electric motors, fuel cells, and electric drive trains as well as electric vehicle batteries, with a focus on lithium-ion batteries.

Fundamentals for Technical Professionals

Gain knowledge on setting career goals, networking, technical writing, ethics, patents, communications skills, and more.

Course List:

  1. Career Networking for Technical Professionals
  2. Communication & Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals
  3. Engineering Ethics: Building a Strong Foundation
  4. Fundamentals of Metrology & Measurement
  5. Fundamentals of Patent Protection for Engineers
  6. Motivation in the College Classroom
  7. Technical Writing for Scientists and Engineers
  8. Developing Career Goals for Technical Professionals
  9. How to be a Prolific Inventor

Professional Engineer License

State requirements for Professional Engineers in the U.S. include one to six hours of ethics training and one to nine hours of management training. Courses in this program cover ethics, leadership, and communications skills.

  1. Thinking like a Leader: the TILL System
  2. An Introduction to Leadership: A Primer for the Practitioner
  3. Engineering Ethics: Building a Strong Foundation
  4. Solving Ethical Dilemmas as an Engineer
  5. Engineering Ethics: Guidance on Sustainability
  6. Communication and Presentation Skills for Technical Professionals
  7. Leadership Development for Technical Professionals

Benefits of RS eLearning Library

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Advance Your Career

Learners who pass the course assessments through the new LMS, the RS Learning Network, can earn CEUs and PDHs.

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Self-paced & Flexible

Online learning modules ranging from one to three hours in length.

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High-Quality Education

Courses are developed and peer-reviewed by leading experts in the field, bringing you high-quality content only RS can provide.

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Interactive Content

With an easy-to-use player/viewer, audio and video files, diagrams, animations, and automatic place marking.

Convenient Online Learning

Enjoy the flexibility of online access to the world’s highest quality, peer-reviewed technical learning content in engineering and technology, delivered in the way that works best for your organization.

RS Learning Network

  • Enhanced topic browse and search, personalized LMS functionality, and learning navigation features
  • Reports available to track course usage and performance
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  • Discover more eLearning content of interest through an easy-to-use browse experience, with filtering by topic

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