Unity 2D Game Development

  • Course level: Beginner


Unity 2D Game Development

This course will teach you what you need to know in order to make a 2D sprite-based game in Unity editor version 5.6 (the Latest Beta version at this time). The techniques used in this series are the same ones I used to make my own game Heart Battle for PC and mobile devices. Currently the course in progress, it will be completed in the coming month and should be updated from time to time with new relevant content after that as well. The rough finished course list should look something like this when done.

2D Sprite Game Development in Unity

  1. Understanding the Scene and Game Interface
  2. Animation
  3. Scripting
  4. Services

Who this course is for:

  1. Enthusiast gamers who want to give making their own game a shot after playing other people’s games.
  2. Developers or aspiring game designers interested in making a 2D game project and willing to do some C# scripting

What Will I Learn?

  • Create a 2D game exportable for multiple platforms.
  • Work within the Unity editor to streamline game design and editing processes.
  • Import and use sprites, sound effects, music, and other assets inside of your game

Topics for this course

27 Lessons

Unity 2D Game Development Tutorials

1 – Introduction to Unity00:00:00
2 – Adding assets to your scene00:00:00
3 – Adding physics and colliders to objects00:00:00
4 – Physics2D Materials and more colliders00:00:00
5 – More Physics2D Materials00:00:00
6 – Prefabs00:00:00
7 – Fix disappearing assets and using Sorting Layers00:00:00
8 – Organising and grouping assets in the Hierarchy00:00:00
9 – Introduction to scripting and collision detection in Unity with C#00:00:00
10 – Moving the player with C# code00:00:00
11 – Making the player jump with C# code00:00:00
12 – Jumping with ground check00:00:00
13 – Changing the player sprite and setting to fixed angle00:00:00
14 – Creating animations for the player sprite00:00:00
15 – Setting up the player animation controller00:00:00
16 – Controlling player animations with C# code00:00:00
17 – Flipping the player sprite with code00:00:00
18 – Make the camera follow the player with C# code00:00:00
19 – Stopping the player from sticking to edge of platforms or walls00:00:00
20 – Setting up a fall detector00:00:00
21 – Adding Checkpoints00:00:00
22 – Respawning the player00:00:00
23 – Setting up the Level Manager00:00:00
24 – Adding a respawn delay00:00:00
25 – Particle Systems00:00:00
26 – Collectibles and scoring00:00:00
27 – Adding a UI to display the score00:00:00
Unity 2D Game Development

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • You should know basic programming or scripting to complete this course. We'll be using C#.
  • Knowing how to work in graphic and audio editors will help you out. You can also navigate online for your art assets.