Microsoft Windows 10 the complete guide 2020

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Microsoft Windows 10 is now being used by more than one billion computer users worldwide, but most users don’t know how to get the most out of this most powerful operating system, never mind how to carry out basic maintenance to keep everything responsive and running silky smooth!

So, in this “Windows 10 computer course”, I plan on taking you on a journey and introducing you to some pretty cool areas of Windows 10, that once known, will set you apart from the rest of the pack! At its core, this course will take you through some basic and advanced “step by step” tutorials on computer maintenance to help improve the speed of your computer; and also, how to carry out preventative maintenance to stop it from happening again! But there is no need for screwdrivers and other tools;

Your two main tools for the course will be the keyboard and the mouse! You’ll also be introduced to areas of Windows 10 that will undoubtedly improve your user experience, helping you with navigation and task management.

Who this Microsoft Windows 10 course is for:

  1. Any person with a Microsoft Windows 10 computer system and aspires to be awesome! Computing skills only need to be basic.
  2. Individuals who would like a better understanding of how to use a computer but are not sure about how to go about finding out.
  3. No need to plan ahead. The course is completely flexible and easy to fit around any schedule; it is also available on mobile devices.


What Will I Learn?

  • Be able to carry out maintenance to optimize a computers true processing power.
  • Manage programmes and applications more effectively and efficiently.
  • Discover new skills that will set you apart from other Windows 10 users.
  • Become more confident with general and advanced computer use.
  • And much more...

Topics for this course

55 Lessons

Microsoft -widows 10

How to see Detail about the Computer and Laptop00:00:00
Change Brightness of Computer and Laptop00:00:00
Hidden and Show, File in you Laptop and Computer00:00:00
Date, Time and year Setup00:00:00
How to Crate File and Folder on Desk top00:00:00
How to Pit the incon into Task bar How to Show the software on the taskbar00:00:00
How to uninstall the programme in our Computer Fastest ideas.00:00:00
Change One icon into another new icon_How to Change Icon in our Computer00:00:00
Lock and Unlock the Microsoft, Excell, PP and other Documents by Password00:00:00
Protect your Documents By Password Microsoft word 10 or 7or 800:00:00
Induction of MS words Introduction of Microsoft Words00:00:00
How to learn Find and Replaceing word in the Ms word00:00:00
Font setting in the ms word Microsoft Word font setting00:00:00
Footer setting in ms word00:00:00
Header setting of the microsoft Word00:00:00
page number setup_In microsoft word in Computer and laptop.00:00:00
Chart drawing How to draw tables in ms word00:00:00
Logo Design How to design Logo in Microsoft Word Easyly00:00:00
Id Card design How to design id card in the micrsoft00:00:00
How to Draw Tables in Microsoft word very easy ways00:00:00
How to save and open the files in microsoft word00:00:00
How to insert the Picture in the microsoft word00:00:00
How to insert the Shape in the mIcrosoft word00:00:00
How to insert the smart art00:00:00
How to inset the Clip Art in the microsoft word00:00:00
How to setting paragraph in the microsoft word00:00:00
How to show the wifi Password in your loptop or Computer?00:00:00
How to Design Cartificate in ms words Part-100:00:00
How to design Cartificate Part 2 MS word00:00:00
How to design Logo for your Company by Microsoft words part-100:00:00
How to design your Media Logo in microsoft word part-200:00:00
How to design Visiting card in Microsoft word part 300:00:00
Id Card deisgn part 400:00:00
How to Mail Merge in Micrsoft word Part-100:00:00
How to Mail Merge using Excel In MIcrosoft Word Part 200:00:00
How to create Gmail id00:00:00
How to create Watermark in whole documents00:00:00
How to put the picture in the text of Microsof tword.00:00:00
How to type the text infront of picture00:00:00
How to insert picture in Shape in ms word00:00:00
How to design Logo for your Company by Microsoft words part-300:00:00
Text direction in microsoft word00:00:00
Water image in microsoft word00:00:00
How to put colour in your whole documents00:00:00
How to mangae border of Microsoft word documents00:00:00
How to create Bar Chart or Diagram in Microsoft Excel00:00:00
How to create files and folder by using command00:00:00
How to Hyperlink documents in Microsoft word00:00:00
How design letter pad in microsoft word00:00:00
How to hyperlink filesin powerpoint00:00:00
How to design the Visiting card00:00:00
How to design logo in ms word00:00:00
Man Falls from Space to Earth00:00:00
How to insert Bullet and Numbering00:00:00
How to insert date in Microsoft Word00:00:00
Microsoft Windows 10
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  • -If you are reading this description on a Windows 10 computer, or you have one or more, then you have everything you need to start and complete this course.
  • -All tutorials are broken down into "bitesized" step by step instructions. All you will have to do is follow along.