Microsoft PowerApps

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Microsoft PowerApps tutorial

In the world of the information worker, you will handle information that is probably stored across different software suites, like SharePoint, Salesforce, Excel file, Access database. Typically, you would like your end-users to be able to browse and/or modify this data in a general user-friendly, and preferably mobile, way. Microsoft PowerApps allows people, without any development skills, to build applications that are mobile-friendly on top of their data. Allowing other people to use the built application to browse the data and maybe even modify it.

We’ll explore the capabilities when building an app using PowerApps online since the studio has been deprecated. PowerApps allows you to create business apps involving data and other resources that might be critical for the enterprise and need to be restricted to specific audiences. Using the PowerApps Admin Center, an organization can establish boundaries and policies around the use of PowerApps on their data.

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Microsoft PowerApps Main Topics:

  1. What is Microsoft PowerApps?
  2. PowerApps components
  3. Related technologies
  4. Licensing and pricing conditions
  5. PowerApp connections
  6. App samples and templates
  7. Introduction to PowerApps Studio
  8. Creating apps from templates
  9. Creating apps from scratch
  10. Screens and Pages
  11. Screen components: Forms, DataCards, Controls, …
  12. Handling bindings
  13. Versioning, publishing, and sharing apps.. and much more

Why take this course?

If you’re currently involved in content management, app development, or as a power user — this course will enable you to build on that experience, and master the most cutting-edge tools and practices in developing business apps raising productivity levels within your organization. For students who might be new to the field, this is an excellent course and provides a quick learning curve to get you up to speed with building apps!

Who this Microsoft PowerApps course is for:

  1. Anyone who wants to develop business apps without code
  2. This course also targets power users, content managers, business analysts, and many more who want to learn how to quickly and easily
  3. If you work with SharePoint or Power BI, this course is for you
  4. Freelancers who wish to add another service offering to their portfolio
  5. SharePoint & Power BI Users to build basic business apps for their organization

What Will I Learn?

  • Build basic business apps for your organization or clients
  • In this course, students will get familiar with the concepts of Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow
  • learn how to use these services to create business apps and flows without needing any development skills.
  • Work as a freelancer and provide services to clients. Build your business & earn money!

Topics for this course

111 Lessons

Microsoft PowerApps

PowerApps with a SharePoint List00:00:00
Build a consent form with PowerApps using the Pen Input and send it as an email attachment00:00:00
Intro to PowerApps Variables00:00:00
Learn to connect: PowerApps Excel Spreadsheet hosted in OneDrive00:00:00
PowerApps send email with a button00:00:00
Create a sort button in PowerApps00:00:00
PowerApps Conditional Formatting and Popups00:00:00
Working with a PowerApps Collection00:00:00
Learn to use the PowerApps Power BI Visual00:00:00
PowerApps Cascading Dropdown00:00:00
PowerApps Multiple Data Sources00:00:00
PowerApps Custom Forms to look more like InfoPath00:00:00
PowerApps Collection – Send emails, sum, and format00:00:00
Powerapps on premise data gateway00:00:00
PowerApps Search Function00:00:00
Learn to use the PowerApps Filter function00:00:00
PowerApps Shopping Cart00:00:00
PowerApps Timer Control00:00:00
PowerApps Password Screen00:00:00
PowerApps SharePoint LookUp Column00:00:00
PowerApps Patch Function00:00:00
Azure SQL Database tutorial with an end result of a working PowerApps sql app00:00:00
Build a PowerApps Quiz plus intro to controls00:00:00
PowerApps User Function and intro to Office 365 User connector00:00:00
PowerApps flyout menus, floating buttons, and X Y Controls00:00:00
PowerApps Flow Intro Upload an image to SharePoint using Flow00:00:00
PowerApps Audit Logging00:00:00
Intro to the PowerApps If Statement00:00:00
PowerApps Excel Auto Increment Column00:00:00
PowerApps Animation, Flashing Text, and Scrolling00:00:00
Custom SharePoint List Form with PowerApps00:00:00
PowerApps Email Multiple Attachments00:00:00
PowerApps Random Text Function – Make your own00:00:00
PowerApps Code Comments inline block and documentation00:00:00
PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath Part 1 – Enter the data00:00:00
PowerApps Repeating Tables like InfoPath Part 2 – View and edit the data00:00:00
PowerApps Repeating Tables Like InfoPath Part 3 – Inline editing00:00:00
PowerApps SQL LookUps and Relationships00:00:00
PowerApps Forms – Introduction to data sources, data cards, and layout00:00:00
PowerApps Forms – Form Mode00:00:00
PowerApps Forms – LastSubmit, Updates, UnSaved00:00:00
PowerApps Barcode Scanner App00:00:00
PowerApps PDF Generator using Microsoft Flow PDF Converter00:00:00
PowerApps Google Maps API – Build your first App00:00:00
PowerApps AddColumns ShowColumns00:00:00
PowerApps String Manipulation00:00:00
PowerApps Save Data – Patch, Collect, and ForAll00:00:00
PowerApps Combobox – Search, Filter, Default values, and more00:00:00
PowerApps PDF from table data00:00:00
PowerApps Tooltip for inline help, popup help, and a time sheet app00:00:00
PowerApps Office 365 User Search00:00:00
powerapps azure blob storage connector00:00:00
PowerApps Tabbed Form00:00:00
Intro PowerApps Components including Input and Output properties00:00:00
PowerApps Barcode Scanner – Updated!00:00:00
PowerApps Attachments – Saved to Azure Blob Storage with SharePoint and SQL00:00:00
PowerApps SharePoint Complex Columns – Patch person, choice, and lookup fields00:00:00
PowerApps Security, Environments, and Plan 200:00:00
PowerApps Business Card Scanner – Edit and Save the data to SharePoint00:00:00
PowerApps AI Object Detector00:00:00
PowerApps Tutorial – PowerApps String Functions00:00:00
PowerApps Filter Gallery by the Current User00:00:00
PowerApps Hide Button Based on User and other fun00:00:00
PowerApps Email Attachments with the office 365 connector and attachment control00:00:00
PowerApps With Function00:00:00
Create nested data tables with the PowerApps Concat Function00:00:00
PowerApps Pen Input to SharePoint00:00:00
Flow and PowerApps Export Package – Use Export and Import to move a working app00:00:00
Select multiple records in a gallery and Patch with the PowerApps ForAll function00:00:00
PowerApps Power BI Integration Dynamic Filtering00:00:00
Power Platform Ignite 2019 Announcements – Power Automate, RPA, PBI Security, and more00:00:00
PowerApps Attachment Control – Upload All Files not Images Only to Azure Blob Storage00:00:00
PowerApps upload file to SharePoint document library00:00:00
PowerApps Delegation and the 500 item limit00:00:00
PowerApps Date and Time Functions00:00:00
PowerApps filter gallery by dropdown00:00:00
PowerApps In and Split Functions00:00:00
PowerApps Duplicates – Avoid, highlight, and even delete00:00:00
PowerShell for PowerApps and Flow00:00:00
PowerApps Calendar Create Invite using the Outlook Connector00:00:00
Intro to PowerApps Common Data Service for Canvas Apps00:00:00
A better PowerApps Data Model – Flexible and fast00:00:00
Common Data Service Dataflows for Import from SharePoint and bulk Edit with Excel00:00:00
PowerApps Component Libraries – Share and reuse across the org00:00:00
PowerApps Dropdown Blank, exit close window, launch, notify, and Self00:00:00
PowerApps Approvals without using Flow00:00:00
Power Apps Patch Record Variable + Trim, Len, and Troubleshooting00:00:00
Power Apps Export data to Excel with Flow – Collections to CSV file00:00:00
Power Apps Convert Image to Base64 for Emails, PDFs and Components00:00:00
PowerApps Common Data Service Option Sets – Create, Filter, Patch, and More00:00:00
Power Apps filter multiple selections – Exact or All options – Try again00:00:00
PowerApps Charts – Plus learn to shape and summarize the data00:00:00
Power Apps Number Sequence function + ForAll, Concat, Date Times, and strings00:00:00
PowerApps Send email – Everything you need to know about sending mail via Outlook and Power Apps00:00:00
Common Data Service Relationships and Lookups with Power Apps canvas apps00:00:00
Power Apps Teams Integration00:00:00
PowerApps Scrollable Screen00:00:00
PowerApps Design Ideas, IsEmpty, and making pretty galleries00:00:00
Power Apps, Power Automate, Microsoft Teams, and Project Oakdale preview for Pros00:00:00
Build and Customize your first Teams App with Power Apps Full Training00:00:00
Create your first custom app for Microsoft Teams with Power Apps in 5 minutes00:00:00
Create Teams meeting link from Power Apps and Power Automate for Outlook00:00:00
Scheduled Flow and SharePoint oData query – Using Recurrence to check for overdue approvals00:00:00
Power Apps SVG make your apps prettier and easier to use00:00:00
Power Apps change the app owner with PowerShell00:00:00
Power Apps Validate Input – Dropdowns, date pickers, and Text Inputs00:00:00
Power Apps MailTo – Open a new email with values by pressing a button00:00:00
Power Apps Print directly to a printer with an API – PDFs, Labels, Barcodes, and more with Flow00:00:00
Create mobile apps in Project Oakdale for Microsoft Teams00:00:00
Understanding SharePoint columns and Power Apps00:00:00
Power Apps Switch Function vs. the If function00:00:00
Microsoft PowerApps
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • No prior knowledge to PowerApps or Flow is required
  • Must be Tech Savvy
  • Must have excellent internet connection speed
  • Your own email address with a domain account
  • Familiar with Microsoft Excel Formulas
  • Some knowledge of Office 365 environment