MCTS 70-680 Windows 7

  • Course level: Beginner


The MCTS 70-680 Windows 7– Configuration course is an intensive and focused course that helps the candidates to enhance their knowledge base and technical skills in Windows 7 operating system. This course teaches in detail about installation, up-gradation, and migration from previous Microsoft Windows versions such as Windows XP and Windows Vista. The candidates also learn about the detailed configuration options related to network connectivity, security, maintenance, optimization, customization, and remote desktop connectivity all in the broad horizon of Microsoft Windows 7.

This intensive configuration training on Microsoft Windows 7 provides the students with the knowledge and skills needed to isolate, document, and resolve problems on a Windows 7 desktop or laptop computer. The course also helps the candidates to prepare for the 70-680 exam as its contents map directly with the official exam objectives of the certification exam by Microsoft.

Who this MCTS 70-680 Windows 7 course is for:

  1. Tier 1 and Tier 2 support engineers
  2. IT professionals working as part of the system administration team
  3. Desktop support technicians responsible for the resolution of day-to-day issues in Windows 7 devices

What Will I Learn?

  • Identify and resolve desktop application issues related to configurations
  • Identify the cause and resolve network configuration issues
  • Manage and maintain systems and PCs that run Windows 7
  • Support mobile and remote users
  • Identify the cause and resolve security configuration issues

Topics for this course

66 Lessons

Windows 7 70-680

MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Editions00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Performing a clean install of Windows 700:00:00
Dual booting Windows 700:00:00
Upgrading To Windows 700:00:00
Install Windows 7 from the network00:00:00
Migrating to Windows 700:00:00
Customizing Windows 700:00:00
Creating a reference image10:50
Performing Maintenance on a WIM Image00:00:00
Deploying a WIM Image00:00:00
MDT 201000:00:00
Windows 7 Virtual Hard Disks00:00:00
Configure Windows 7 Devices Drivers00:00:00
Troubleshooting Devices Drivers00:00:00
Configuring USB00:00:00
Windows 7 Application Compatbility00:00:00
Application Compatbility Toolkit00:00:00
XP Mode00:00:00
Application Restrictions00:00:00
Internet Explorer00:00:00
Introduction to IP for WIndows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Troubleshooting IP00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Wireless Access on Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Firewall00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows Firewall with Advanced Security00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Remote Assistance/Desktop00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Remote Shells00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Folder Virtualzation00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 HomeGorup00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 File Sharing00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Managing Windows 7 Printers00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: File and folder access00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: NTFS Special (Advanced) Permissions00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Encrypting File System (EFS)00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Smartcards00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Configure User Account Control00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Authentication and Authorization00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Certifcates in Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Rights and elevating permissions00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: BranchCache00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Bitlocker00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Bitlocker To Go00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Bitlocker and Recovery00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 DirectAccess00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Offline files00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Transparent Caching00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Power Options00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Remote Connections00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows Updates00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Managing disks in Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Dynamic Disks and Raid00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Disk Defragmenter in Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Disk Tools and Removal Device Policy00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Event Viewer00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 events forwarding00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Event forwarding source initiated subscriptions00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Performance Monitor and Data Collector Sets in Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Performance options in Windows 700:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Backup and Restore00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Bare Metal Restore using a system image00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows7 System Restore Points00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows7 Previous Versions00:00:00
MCTS 70-680: Windows 7 Last Known Good Configuration and Driver Roll Back00:00:00
MCTS 70-680 Windows 7
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • The course requires the students to have prior experience of installing PC hardware and devices along with the basic understanding of TCP/IP and networking concepts.
  • Functional knowledge of Active Directory is an added advantage.