Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

  • Course level: Beginner


Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) certification training is aligned to the (ISC) ² CBK 2015 and trains you in the industry’s latest best practices.

which will help you ace the exam on the first attempt. The certification helps you develop the expertise in defining the architecture, designing, building, and maintaining a secure business environment for your organization using globally approved Information Security standards.



What Will I Learn?

  • 1. Be able to define the architecture, and design and manage the security of your organization.
  • 2. Acquire the relevant knowledge and skills required to clear the CISSP certification exam.
  • 3. Earn the requisite 30 CPEs required to take up the CISSP certification exam.
  • 4. Develop working knowledge in the 8 domains areas prescribed by the CISSP Common Book of Knowledge, 2015.

Topics for this course

53 Lessons

certified cloud security professional (ccsp)

What is Cloud Computing?00:00:00
What is Puppet Enterprise?00:00:00
Bringing a Machete to the Amazon00:00:00
Erasure Coding for SUSE Enterprise Storage00:00:00
DNS Tunneling and Data Exfiltration00:00:00
Docker Tutorial – What is Docker & Docker Containers, Images, etc?00:00:00
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP): Cloud Computing Characteristics00:00:00
ASA routing | Netechbulls training center | CCSP Video | ASA configuration00:00:00
CCSP Ecast Training 2013 Unlisted00:00:00
Official (ISC)² Online Instructor-Led Training00:00:00
CCSP demo video00:00:00
CCSP PN Training 2 11 14 0 000:00:00
CCSP overview webinar00:00:00
Cloud security Fundamentals00:00:00
Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)00:00:00
How to Prepare for CCSP00:00:00
Cloud Cybersecurity in Under 5 Minutes00:00:00
Security Best Practices00:00:00
Introduction to Cloud Computing00:00:00
Introduction to Virtualization00:00:00
Introduction to Type 1 Hypervisor Virtualization00:00:00
Type 1 vs. Type 2 Hypervisors00:00:00
Cloud Security Tutorial00:00:00
Advanced Security Best Practices Masterclass00:00:00
CSA at RSA 2017 – Panel – ‘Security in the Cloud: Evolution or Revolution?’00:00:00
From Traditional to Multi Cloud Security00:00:00
Cloud Security: Automate or Die00:00:00
Top Cloud Security Myths00:00:00
PaaS Introduction00:00:00
Understanding AWS Security00:00:00
Automating Security in Cloud Workloads00:00:00
How to Implement Top 10 AWS Security00:00:00
How to Get Cloud Architecture00:00:00
What is a Cloud Architect?00:00:00
Traditional vs Cloud Native Applications00:00:00
The Fundamentals of AWS Security Groups00:00:00
Introduction To Amazon Web Services00:00:00
AWS Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
best Practices in Planning a Large-Scale Migration to AWS00:00:00
AWS S3 Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
AWS EC2 Tutorial For Beginners00:00:00
AWS Config Tutorial00:00:00
AWS IAM Tutorial00:00:00
AWS Elastic Beanstalk Tutorial00:00:00
AWS CloudFront00:00:00
AWS SysOps Administrator Training00:00:00
Cloud Engineer Roles and Responsibilities00:00:00
AWS VPC Tutorial00:00:00
AWS CLI Tutorial00:00:00
AWS CloudFormation Tutorial00:00:00
AWS Lambda Tutorial00:00:00
Amazon CloudWatch Tutorial00:00:00
Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)00:00:00
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Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Who should take this course?
  • The CISSP certification is a globally recognized professional requirement in the IT Security domain. This certification is best-suited for:
  • 1. Security Consultants/Managers
  • 2. IT Directors/Managers
  • 3. Security Auditors/Architects
  • 4. Security Systems Engineers
  • 5. Chief Information Security Officers
  • 6. Network Architects