CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

  • Course level: Expert


CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification validates your ability to work with complicated enterprise infrastructure solutions. Learn how to plan, develop, deploy, run, and optimize dual stack (IPv4 and IPv6) solutions for complex enterprise networks in this course. You must pass two exams to earn the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification: a qualifying exam that covers core enterprise infrastructure technologies and a hands-on lab exam that covers enterprise networks throughout their entire lifecycle, from design to deployment to operation and optimization.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn from basic to advance about switching administration
  • Learn from basic to advance about Layer 2 protocols
  • Learn from basic to advance about vlan Technology
  • Learn from basic to advance about spanning tree protocols
  • Learn from basic to advance about Routing Concepts
  • Learn from basic to advance about Routing Protocols
  • Learn from basic to advance about Host VM
  • Ether channel

Topics for this course

34 Lessons

CCIE Topic: 1.1a Switch Administration

CCIE Topic: 1.1b Layer 2 Protocols13:56
CCIE Topic: 1.1c VLAN Technologies – Part 100:19:04
CCIE Topic: 1.1c VLAN Technologies – Part 200:16:17
CCIE Topic: 1.1d EtherChannel – Part 100:17:06
CCIE Topic: 1.1d EtherChannel – Part 200:12:18
CCIE Topic: 1.1e PVST+00:15:32
CCIE Topic: 1.1e Rapid PVST+00:13:47
CCIE Topic: 1.1e MST00:13:51
CCIE Topic: 1.1e Switch Priority, Port Priority, Path Cost, STP Timers00:16:24
CCIE Topic: 1.1e PortFast, BPDU Guard, BPDU Filter00:14:08
CCIE Topic: 1.1e Loop Guard and Root Guard00:11:43
CCIE Topic: 1.2a Administrative Distance00:13:34
CCIE Topic: 1.2b VRF-lite00:22:39
CCIE Topic: 1.2c Static Routing00:16:15
CCIE Topic: 1.2d Policy-Based Routing00:12:12
CCIE Topic: 1.2e VRF-aware Routing – MPLS Layer 3 VPN00:23:35
CCIE Topic: 1.2f Route Filtering00:18:28
CCIE Topic: 1.2g Route Summarization00:16:16
CCIE Topic: 1.2h Route Redistribution00:15:08
CCIE Topic: 1.2i Routing Protocol Authentication00:23:59
CCIE Topic: 1.2j Bidirectional Forwarding Detection00:14:13
CCIE Topic: 1.3a EIGRP Adjacencies00:12:23
CCIE Topic: 1.3b EIGRP Best Path Selection00:24:29
CCIE Topic: 1.3c EIGRP Operations00:18:27
CCIE Topic: 1.3d EIGRP Load Balancing00:13:25
CCIE Topic: 1.3e EIGRP Named Mode00:12:38
CCIE Topic: 1.3f EIGRP Optimization, Convergence and Scalability00:18:47
CCIE Topic: 1.4a OSPF Adjacencies00:15:32
CCIE Topic: 1.4b OSPF Network and Area Types00:20:48
CCIE Topic: 1.4c OSPF Path Preference00:11:39
CCIE Topic: 1.4d OSPF Operations00:00:00
CCIE Topic: 1.4e OSPF LSA Throttling, SPF Throttling, and Fast Hello00:13:42
CCIE Topic: 1.4e OSPF Loop-Free Alternate Fast Reroute (LFA FRR)00:09:53
A New CCIE Tool – Host VM00:08:45

Enrolment validity: Lifetime


  • Bsic knowledge of networking
  • certified cisco ccna
  • certified cisco ccnp