What should you do if your income or salary is not enough?


We all sometimes hear people saying that I don’t have enough money, I am not happy with the amount of salary I am getting as it is not sufficient, especially if you consider the too many responsibilities laying on me, etc.

So, the question that should be asked is “What can you do to solve the problem?” Well, the answer is yes, you can do many things, but for now, I will disclose FOUR ways that you can start with as soon as you finish reading them. These ways are summarized briefly in the following points: 

  1. Create something (physical or digital product) and sell it. If it is a digital product (e.g., course, book, codes, etc.), you can create a selling account at ResearcherStore (RS-Membership – ResearcherStore) and start adding your products there, and then share them on social media with people who are interested in what you sell. Or, better than that, you can collaborate with people who already have the audience you are looking for and share with them the profit to help spread your value-providing products to more customers.
  2. Create mini professional courses of 1-2 hours length on topics you are expert at and then share them on your social media accounts with students who may be interested in your offered courses. You may start on this journey by creating a free instructor account and start adding text, audio, or video-based courses that you think might be useful and helpful to a certain group of people. 
  3. Sell other people’s products. This is much easier than the previous methods and it doesn’t take much time to generate revenue, but you need to be persistent and patient in reaching and attracting new customers and users. To do that, you can register an affiliate account at the Affiliate Dashboard of ResearcherStore at this link Affiliate Signup- ResearcherStore
  4. Offer your skills and services for those who need it. You can do that by selling virtual services such as support or consultations services, or high demand skills to do certain tasks. You can do this by opening a store at ResearcherStore (RS-Registration – ResearcherStore) and list your services over there, and then share them on social media with people who are interested in them.
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