What is ResearcherStore?


ResearcherStore is a publishing platform interconnected with a marketplace for allowing researchers/authors to directly sell and buy digital assets such as simulation codes, data sets, slides, tutorials, reports, manuscripts, videos, software, etc. (Basically, all the supporting materials that you usually don’t find in the classical publication document).  All you need to do to get started is to open your e-store selling account at RS-Membership – ResearcherStore.


Besides, this platform aims to allow researchers to find and offer support for reproducible research contributions. So, the researchers who are interested in reproducing certain experiments, or research studies, will be able to receive direct support from the author/researcher directly. 

In other words, this platform enables researchers to directly monetize (license and sell) their research assets and studies to whoever is interested.

Researcherstore is a place where you can find technical support for the research work you want to reproduce OR you can offer technical support for the research studies you produced. Thus, it ultimately allows researchers to sell and buy reproducible research assets such as simulation codes, data sets, videos, slides, tutorials, manuscripts, etc. 

P.S. All submissions by authors/researchers are subject to review. If all the requirements are checked out, then the submission will automatically be available in the ResearcherStore marketplace.


ResearcherStore (RS) - A Marketplace For Publishing Original, High-Quality Digital Assets, And Services - ResearcherStore

ResearcherStore is a marketplace for selling and buying codes, courses, & services related to research.

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