Tips for a Smooth and Successful Software Roll Out for Your Business

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Tips for a Smooth and Successful Software Roll Out for Your Business

Whether employees are working in the office or from home, there will always be a need to roll out new software that enables a thriving work environment. With that being said, change is hard in the workplace. If you’re interested in learning how you can roll out new software smoothly, keep reading for some tips from Researcherstore.

1. Bring Your Team Up to Speed from the Start

Ellevate notes that communication in the workplace is key when it comes to rolling out software. You already know why your workplace needs new software, but your employees may not. To ensure that everybody is invested, make sure everybody is on the same page right from the start.

Sometimes it’s too late to convince your team of the benefits of new software later in the rollout, which will decrease your chances of being successful company-wide.

2. Understand the Who, What, and Why

When rolling out software, always remember the three Ws. You need to clarify what change you’re making, who the change is for, and why you’re doing it. Be sure to stress to your team how the new software will make their lives better. What frustrations will it solve? How will it make them happier? These are all questions that need clarifying for the change to go smoothly.

3. Prioritize Software Training

How will you ensure your staff learns the new software? Will you organize group training, work with each employee one-on-one, provide video training, or send out a company-wide email? Although software training will require more time upfront, it’s necessary to ensure your team’s knowledge and productivity.

And remember that it likely won’t be a one-and-done deal. Many applications will require ongoing training. The same can be said for hiring new employees in the future since they’ll need to be brought up to speed as well. Even though training will be ongoing, ensure that your team has had adequate training before going live.

Researcherstore can be a great resource for ongoing software training. Their 1,000+ course library contains helpful information on both technology and business.

4. Hire Consultants

Many software rollouts require months upon months of changes. As TechnologyAdvice explains, it’s important to enlist the help of consultants wherever you can to help ease the process. A third-party consultant can partner with you to help create the business plan. They know the intricate details of the application so they can help you ensure success in adopting the software.

5. Ensure You’re Using the Right Tools to Stay Organised

As your company grows and you’re rolling out new software, you can ensure your financial health stays on track by using the right tools and technology to stay organized. For businesses moving into the mid-sized market, it’s a good idea to employ accounting and business management software that’s easy for staff to use and also provides critical functions. If you’re selling products, you’ll also want to utilize inventory management software to track your inventory and ensure your customers’ needs are being met.

Get Your Software Adoption Process Started

Remember, successfully rolling out software takes time. This is never an issue that should be rushed. Instead, take the necessary steps to communicate the details of the change, ensure your team receives thorough training, hire consultants where necessary, and receive feedback as you implement the new software. By following along with this guide, you should have your software rollout run as smoothly as possible.

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