The Fundamentals of Staging Your Home Office for Meetings

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The Fundamentals of Staging Your Home Office for Meetings

Even with the pandemic slowing, it appears that more people are going to keep working from home. Whether you are telecommuting for your employer or running a well-established home business, one thing is for sure: You need a great office.

Your workspace should inspire you to work productively every day. You should thrive in the moments you’re hammering away on your computer, and you should relish the times you sit back in your chair for a break.

But these days, you need even more from your home office. It must be a comfortable environment for visitors. Whether you’re meeting in person or virtually, your office needs to look professional and represent your brand appropriately. ResearcherStore has listed a few tips for getting started!

So, how do you ensure your workspace gives you all that?

Consider Covid

Even though restrictions are loosening and cases less severe, some people of your clients may still be concerned about Covid. And it’s important to design your home office accordingly. For example, you may find ways to improve ventilation, whether that means opening the windows during the day or having a professional look at your HVAC system.

You should also consider keeping masks and hand sanitizer in your office to give to any visitors who request them. And these days, there are many technologies to help you minimize contact with clients. Look into the various invoicing, payment, and video conferencing software on the market.

Invest in Improvements

Don’t be afraid to invest a little money into improving your home office. If you ever decide to sell your home, having a fully functional office could significantly boost your appraisal value. But you will need to document the progress by taking before-and-after photos and holding onto receipts. That way, you can prove how much value you’ve added to your home.

Don’t Leave Out Your Personal Taste

In your old office, you may have had a few personal items you showcased in your desk area, but you probably had limited decor options. When you work in a home office, it’s a different story. You now have more freedom to incorporate your personal taste.

With that said, you don’t want your office to be too distracting, especially in the area you will be conducting video calls. Your immediate backdrop should be relatively neutral and minimalist, so there is nothing wrong with throwing subtle colors and decor into the mix. Just keep in mind that the focus of your video calls should be on you and not your belongings.

Your home office is the perfect place to show off a book collection. Consider investing in or building a bookcase or bookshelf. This will allow you to highlight your style subtly but effectively. You may not want to include too many books with busy covers; incorporate mostly neutral book spines with a few colorful ones.

Furthermore, don’t be afraid to show off family photos, children’s artwork, and other sentimental items. Doing so not only will make you appear warmer and more relatable during meetings but also show your clients and colleagues where your priorities lie.

Check Your Heights

There is a reason people often take selfies with their cameras pointed down at them. Sure, it may look a bit odd, but it usually looks better than when the camera is coming from under the face (which can add a couple of chins)!

Pay attention to your next video call to see if you find yourself looking quite different than you do in person. If so, the camera on your computer or other devices may be positioned incorrectly. It could also have to do with how and where you are sitting, as well as the equipment you are using to prop up your device.

The ideal approach is to keep your camera at eye level and far enough away. It’s critical to have a desk that keeps your devices at the appropriate Heights, whether that means you adjust your chair or the desk itself is adjustable to your needs.

Get the Right Lighting

Few things are more important for video conferencing and calls than achieving the right lighting. You want plenty of lighting but also the right color temperature. You don’t want the combination of cool and warm lighting because it can make your video appear unprofessional.

Hopefully, you have natural light flowing in the room, which is the best-case scenario for video calls. But understand that your camera will display natural light differently than it will display artificial lighting. So be mindful not to mix the two too much. Many entrepreneurs and remote workers use ring lights to look their best, which are user-friendly and cost-effective.

If you choose to invest in a ring light, go with a portable one so that you can take it with you when traveling. Plus, it will help you maintain a minimalist design in your office.

Keep It Decluttered

Whether you’re conducting an in-person or virtual meeting, it’s essential that your office is clutter-free. Keep all paperwork, electrical cords, and small objects either out of view or neatly stored. This will help you maintain a cleaner, more productive workspace and also help you come across as more professional to clients and colleagues. Create a daily routine that helps you keep your office tidy.

Open Up the Space

Finally, be mindful of the space you have to work with in your home office. You can make a small office appear larger by switching out some of the big furniture for smaller pieces or by rearranging them so they fit the space differently. If there are any furniture pieces you or your guests don’t use, remove them from the space and put a floor lamp or other small fixture in its place.

It’s essential to have a workspace that means all your needs when you are working from home. Consider the tips above for designing an office that allows you to work productively and comfortably and conduct effective meetings. You might be surprised by the impressive space you can create with a bit of time and energy!

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Home office
Home office

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