Rules and Guidelines for Instructors at RS

  1. Select TEACHER REGISTRATION under RS-COURSES menu from the dashboard screen to register as a teacher.
  2. Keep your patience as the registration process can take a few hours to verify your profile and approve.
  3. Once approved, you can visit RS-LMS-Dashboard to open the dashboard for teaching platform.
  4. Select Settings to enter your profile details for the instructor.
  5. Before you start creating your course, you should have your videos ready. Once you have that, you have to fill this form to let us know that your videos are available and that you are ready to create your course so that one of our team members can contact you via email for further details.
  6. To add a new course, fill all spaces with detailed description for the course viewers.
  7. For High quality videos, Vimeo is recommended as a video source, where you will be given an access account to upload your originally created videos.
  8. The video tutorials for providing a guide to ResearcherStore are available at our Youtube channel, kindly visit it here.
  9. Once you finish adding your course, it will be reviewed by the RS team; if everything checks out in terms of high quality and originality, your course will get published and then appear in RS-COURSES section of the menu.
  10. ResearcherStore (RS) platform is very strict with the originality of the work. Therefore, it should be noted that the added videos are authorized, and you are the core author of that work.

Watch this short Tutorial down below to learn How to add courses at ResearcherStore (RS).

You are strongly recommend and encouraged to convert your knowledge stored in a form of papers, articles, reports, tutorials, slides, books etc. to  short courses and publish them online with Researcherstore.

You can apply to become an instructor at this link

There are so many more amazing features that you will discover when you create an account for free and start building your first course.

Note that you need first to create your videos using any screen recording software (such as,, etc), upload the videos to Vimeo and then organize them in a form of a professional course at Researcherstore using RS-portal section on the site.

This will enable you to reach thousands of researchers interested in your work, increase the visibility of your studies, gain more impact, and earn royalties while you are doing this exciting stuff.