Book: The Complete Guide to Understand Your Prospects Better and Increase Conversions and Campaign ROI

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In this 44 pages e-book titled “The Complete Guide to Understand Your Prospects Better and Increase Conversions and Campaign ROI”, you as an inventor, founder, entrepreneur or marketer will discover all the secrets, tactics, tips, which are needed to building a selling online business that can successfully convince and trigger customers to buy your high value products, thus achieving a win-win scenario for all parties. This is attained by making use of the Psychological Triggers and Cognitive Biases to optimize every landing page, sales page, email sequence and campaign you plan.

More specifically, by the end of reading this book, you will be able to know the following:

  • Learn the best hacks for using persuasive techniques in your design and copy
  • Learn The name of each psychological trigger
  • Learn What each trigger means and how it works and where to use it
  • Learn Ideas for how to use each one in your campaigns and funnels
  • Find Examples of how others have used them successfully, and links to relevant case studies.
  • and more…

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