Codes of ISS-MIMO-ANM: Interference Signal Superposition-aided MIMO-ANM for Perfect Secrecy

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This code generates and produces the figures shown in the paper titled “Interference Signal Superposition-aided MIMO with Antenna Number Modulation and Adaptive Antenna Selection for Achieving Perfect Secrecy” (ISS-MIMO-ANM)

Summary: In this paper, a novel secure data transmission method called interference signal superposition-aided multiple-input multiple-output with antenna number modulation and adaptive antenna selection (ISS-MIMO-ANM-AAS) is presented to defend transmission systems against eavesdropping attacks or to share secret information between two communication parties in scenarios, where perfect
secrecy and ultimate confidentiality are required to be achieved. In the proposed method, while data is transmitted to the legitimate receiver by exploiting the features of MIMO-ANM through transmitting additional data bits with the number of active antennas along with those bits sent by using conventional M-PSK/QAM modulation, the data that the eavesdropper receives is aimed to be mixed by an interference signal superposed (ISS) with the original signal to eliminate the possible wiretapping activities. The conducted theoretical analysis along with the obtained numerical simulations for the proposed ISS-MIMO-ANM-AAS method proves the effectiveness of the scheme, where MIMO-ANM transmission is shown to be fully secured through the ISS algorithm. Thus, the introduced ISS-MIMO-ANM-AAS method can be considered a strong potential candidate method for scenarios where ultra-security is the main requirement of wireless systems including WiFi, 5G, 6G, and beyond technologies.






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