Nonorthogonal Signals’ Superposition with Dual-Transmission for Secure and Reliable IoT Communications

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This detailed document presents an effective technique for reliable and secure communication

 for IoT devices. Channel-dependent precoders

with dual-transmission approach are jointly exploited

to ensure a reliable as well as secure communication against

internal and external eavesdropping. More specifically, users’

pre-coded data is superimposed in the first step. Afterward, the

mixture is sent in two transmissions in such a way that after

combining signals from the first and the second transmissions,

the legitimate receivers will get the reliable signal without

complex processing while the external eavesdropper will get

the degraded version of the signal. Moreover, the proposed

algorithm also ensures that the users are also not able to

eavesdropper each other’s data. Simulation results proved that

the proposed algorithm can ensure secure communication and

suitable for IoT-based devices because it does not require

complex processing at the receivers. For future work, the

extension of the proposed algorithm for active eavesdropper

case will be considered.