Codes of Multiple MIMO with Antenna Number Modulation and Adaptive Antenna

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This package includes the simulation codes of the published article titled Multiple MIMO with Antenna Number Modulation and Adaptive Antenna Selection, which is a recently proposed novel data transmission technique in the literature for future wireless systems.


In this paper, a novel data transmission method, Multiple MIMO system with Antenna Number Modulation (M-MIMO-ANM) is proposed to take the advantages of conventional antenna number modulation (ANM) one step further and increase the spectral efficiency, by increasing the number of antennas in the system and grouping them in blocks. With this improvement, M-MIMO-ANM creates an availability to convey more bits without any usage of bandwidth, while there is a noticeable improvement in the reliability of data transmission. With all these dynamics, M-MIMO-ANM concept is a candidate to create a new perspective to the Internet of Things (IoT) applications, with its energy-efficient, spectrum efficient, robust, and both data and channel-dependent data transmission nature that comes from ANM. The concept of M-MIMO-ANM is tested by using Binary Phase Shift Keying (BPSK) symbol modulation over a Rayleigh fading channel. The validity of the system is investigated by numerical simulations and analytical calculations. As a result of the acquired throughput, it can be said that M-MIMO-ANM is promising a highly reliable and resilient system thanks to its cascaded simultaneous bit transmission by its different number of antenna blocks and antenna elements.