Codes of MIMO-ANM with Joint Adaptive Transmit Antenna Selection and Maximum Ratio Combining

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This product includes the simulation codes of MIMO-ANM with Joint Adaptive Transmit Antenna Selection and Maximum Ratio Combining

Summary: The main purpose of this code is to investigate and quantify the performance of Multiple Input Multiple Output with Antenna Number Modulation (MIMO-ANM) under the joint use of both Adaptive Transmit Antenna Selection (AAS) and Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC). The conducted mathematical analysis of the considered system model is verified by extensive numerical simulation results, which have revealed significant gains in the bit error rate (BER) performance compared to a conventional MIMO-ANM system not adopting AAS with MRC.  Such promising results are anticipated to greatly combat fading in wireless channels and improve the overall performance of future MIMO-ANM based systems. 


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