Consultation services for IoT

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Acting as the bridge between the physical and the digital world, IoT offers a huge opportunity for companies. We help clients effectively capitalize on IoT technology and solutions, linking technology, vendors and customers through a holistic business model.


What RS can do for you: 

IoT describes the connection of devices to the internet using embedded software and sensors to communicate, collect and exchange data with one another.

IoT combines connectivity with sensors, devices and people, enabling a form of free-flowing conversation between man and machine, software
and hardware.
With IoT, the world is wide open, offering a  virtually endless array of opportunities and connection at home, at work or at play.

How can IoT help your business? 

It is evident that the Internet of Things (IoT) is gradually making its impact on numerous enterprises as well as consumers. Everything is getting connected—from smart watches, autonomous cars, and smart refrigerators, to numerous industrial equipment’s.

However, IoT is only powerful when all the crucial elements are combined in a proper way. The diversity of IoT devices often lead enterprises and consumers towards a state of turmoil – when it comes to implementation. This is exactly where we come in. As a strategic consultant, we value our customers’ businesses.

Our IoT consulting services are focused on the latest trends and practices that help enterprises unlock the true potential of their business. Collaborating with numerous technology partners delivering IoT solutions, our consultants formulate and deliver flexible and highly productive strategies – blended with top-class security – that can manage the new and diverse ecosystem of IoT devices.

Our consulting covers:

End-to-end System Integration

We help in the end-to-end integration of your IoT assets with various functionalities, departments and stages in the product lifecycle. This also includes deciding what’s best for your CRM and ERP systems; allowing you to focus on the core business.


A wide array of devices bring complexity, and possibility of errors. With an exceptional experience in error reporting and error handling, our IoT services can help you test your devices, applications, and platforms on a regular basis.

Intelligent Platform Architecture

Working with our technology partners, we bring you an open platform architecture that is secure, scalable, reliable, and promotes an end-to-end connectivity. This also includes provisioning regular OTA firmware updates.

Device Management

With a primary focus on security and privacy, our consultants make sure that your IoT devices maintain the desired level of connectivity and longevity throughout its’ lifecycle.

Application Management

Developers have a hard time managing applications that empower the IoT devices. Our consultants work with numerous technology partners to effectively solve this issue – by incorporating the best-in-class practices.

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