Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is RS about?

ResearcherStore is a publishing platform interconnected with a marketplace for allowing researchers/authors to directly sell and buy digital assets such as simulation codes, data-sets, slides, tutorials, reports, manuscripts, videos, software, courses, trainings, support services, etc. (Basically, all the supporting materials that you don’t usually find in the classical publication document).

  1. How can users guarantee the authorization of the assets available at ResearcherStore?

All submissions by authors/researchers are subject to review by RS. If all the requirements are checked out, then the submission will automatically be available in the ResearcherStore marketplace. To learn more about our privacy policy, kindly visit here.

  1. Why should I publish my assets at ResearcherStore?

To earn from research/digital assets that you have produced, where the marketing experts of RS will be promoting your work at different platforms resulting in high reach and impact on your uploaded assets at RS. Also, this will help you assess the market value of your work by noticing who is willing to pay for your products and services. So, you will be able to get direct feedback from top-notch researchers and experts from your field. READ MORE HERE.

  1. How can I set up a new account at ResearcherStore?

Setting up an account is easy. Visit and get started by following the instructions provided. TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THIS VISIT HERE.

  1. What is the teaching platform at ResearcherStore?

The teaching platform at ResearcherStore provides an opportunity for Online Teaching and Learning. Here you can create your videos using any screen recording software (such as,, etc), upload the videos to Vimeo and then organize them in a form of a professional course at ResearcherStore using the RS-PORTAL section on the site. This will enable you to reach thousands of researchers interested in your work, increase the visibility of your studies, gain more impact, and earn royalties while you are doing this exciting stuff. 

  1. Do we need to create a seperate account to apply as instructor or student at RS?

NO, There is no need to create a separate account to apply as a teacher/instructor or student at RS. You can simply choose RS-COURSES on the dashboard screen and apply as instructor and student.

  1. How to use the teaching platform at ResearcherStore? And how to upload my course videos?

In Order to start using the teaching platform you first need to apply as an instructor/ student. Then visit the RS-PORTAL option to get started. For more detailed information kindly visit here.

  1. What if I am not a researcher. Can I still use this platform for uploading my digital assets?

YES, you can upload all kinds of relevant digital assets that you think are useful for the community, making sure that you are the core author of that work with no copyright issues.

  1. What is the payment receiving method for our sold assets?

You can visit the payment option on the dashboard screen and apply for withdrawal. The money will be received through PayPal or the bank transfer, according to your preference.

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