Policies and important rules related to creating an account at ResearcherStore (RS) 


By uploading digital assets (research and teaching related digital assets that you want to licence) to the Researcherstore platform, you agree to the following:

1. The work submitted must be your own. In case it’s not, then you must provide an approved document from the original coder/designer stating your distributing rights.

2. The work submitted has been tested for violability and functionality.

3. Sellers must provide support as long as their work is on the researcherstore.com server.

4. LICENCORS (Sellers) should include their own terms & conditions as a secondary term of use.

5. In case seller’s work wasn’t functional for any reason or was violating our terms & conditions, then the work mentioned will be pulled out from the server and the seller must refund 100% (covering researcherstore 20%) to clients who bought their work.

6. LICENCORS (Sellers) have the right to authorize anyone else in case they can’t provide support to their work, or work will be pulled out from server.

7. The maximum file upload size is 128 MB by default, which should be enough for most files. However, if you have files larger than this, you can upload them to Google drive, One drive, Dropbox, etc., and put a shareable link of that file inside a text or word file, which you can easily upload instead of the larger file. That would solve the upload issue for any file size.

8. For better visibility and discoverability of your product, your content description must be at least 100-150 words along with at least 4-5 keywords, where the keywords should be bold, underlined, or italic in the content.  

RS enables you to build an online store within minutes to enable you to licence, offer, and sell your digital assets (contributions) easily to your followers and customers worldwide.

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