Xamarin Forms

  • Course level: Beginner


Xamarin Forms. Do you have an idea for an app and want to turn that into reality? Well, if you want to build that app for iOS, you need to know Objective-C, which is an old, C-based language. The alternative is to learn Swift. If you want to build the same app for Android, you need to learn Java. And if you want to build this app for Windows, of course, you need to know C#.

Sounds like a lot of headaches. It’s not just about learning different programming languages. It’s about the fact that each platform has its own UI framework which is built with a different architecture and API.

Building apps shouldn’t be that painful. Is there a better way? Yes, there is Xamarin Forms.

Xamarin Forms is a UI framework for building native cross-platform mobile apps with C#. You code your app only once and let the Xamarin compiler build your app for each platform. As simple as that! You don’t need to learn 4 different languages and presentation frameworks!

In this course, you will take you on a pragmatic and step-by-step journey and teach you how to build native mobile apps for Android, iOS, and Windows using Xamarin Forms and C#.

Who this course is for:

  1. Developers who want to utilize their existing C# skills to build native mobile apps
  2. Developers who don’t want to learn Objective-C, Swift, or Java to build native apps

What Will I Learn?

  • uild native mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows using C#
  • Understand the fundamentals of Xamarin Forms and its architecture
  • Build user-interfaces with XAML and code
  • Work with images
  • Present data in beautiful, interactive lists
  • Implement multi-page apps with navigation, tabs, master/detail pages
  • Build forms and setting pages
  • Store and retrieve data from a variety of sources (file system, SQLite database and RESTful services)

Topics for this course

26 Lessons

Xamarin Forms Course

Kill Kotlin and Swift, Use C# Instead00:00:00
Native iOS and Android with C#?! How does Xamarin do this?!00:00:00
Why Should I Care About Xamarin? (Spoiler Alert: Cut Development Time in Half)00:00:00
Get Things Ready for Xamarin Development – Visual Studio for Mac00:00:00
Installing Visual Studio 2017 on Windows for Xamarin00:00:00
This is the Correct Template for Creating a Xamarin Forms Project in Windows00:00:00
Create a Xamarin Forms Project on macOS – The correct template00:00:00
What is this XAML and how do I use it?00:00:00
StackLayout – The Container for (almost) everything00:00:00
Handling Button Click Events00:00:00
Handling Button Clicks Events – XAML Edition00:00:00
Toolbar and ToolbarItems in Xamarin Forms00:00:00
Replacing the MainPage from App.xaml.cs00:00:00
Adding Navigation to your Xamarin Forms App00:00:00
Testing your Xamarin Forms Apps – Android Simulator00:00:00
Testing your Xamarin Forms app – iOS Simulator00:00:00
How to Test iOS Apps on Windows – Xamarin Forms Tutorial00:00:00
Adding NuGet Packages to a Xamarin Forms App – SQLite00:00:00
SQLite Xamarin Forms Tutorial – Android00:00:00
SQLite Xamarin Forms Tutorial – iOS00:00:00
The C# Class for the SQLite Table and its Columns00:00:00
Inserting to a SQLite Database – Xamarin Forms Tutorial00:00:00
Reading a SQLite Database – Xamarin Forms Tutorial00:00:00
ListView Tutorial – Xamarin Forms Edition00:00:00
How the heck does one do DataBinding with XAML – Xamarin Edition00:00:00
Deploying to iOS Device00:00:00
Xamarin Forms
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  • Familiarity with C# classes, interfaces, events, delegates, lambda expressions and LINQ